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November 10, 1989-99

Happy Birthday, Julie

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Final session "55-Alive" re safe driving.  Arby's had roast beef/cheddar sandwich for 99¢.  Last Sunday NYT had article on San Antonio.

Saturday 1990 - Church breakfast in Wilmington.  George Brown spoke, "Get back to basics."  Cleaned gutters and put up storm windows.

Sunday 1991 - Went with Bob and Pat Miles [?] to Murphin Ridge Restaurant, saw a # of Amish buggies out.  The Ohio State Patrol stopped the car in front of us.  Back to see GHU, she has gained 12# since Feb, now 102 pounds.  Then to Hillsboro UMC where the Bishop spoke.  Roberta called and said they got along fine on the Grand Canyon hike.  Dean Baker committed suicide, his poor mother Pauline.  Roger Rhonemus spoke at our church, Gideon Sunday.

Tuesday 1992 - Jean had UMW meeting here, Valetta [Dornwood] spoke.  Saw Edwin White at CMH.  CMH is building a BIG office addition.

Wednesday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Went to Dayton to file Helen Drake's [1902-1993] will, problem with the bond.  Went to Bob Evans in Wilmington a 15-minute wait so we came on home for lunch as Jean had Womens Club at Jo Williams [1910-2007] at 2pm.

Thursday 1994 - Back to Dayton, filed accounts on [Helen] Drake and [Irma Mae] Smith.  Article in WNJ about tearing down the old New Martin Hotel in Wilmington.  Jean went to UMW meeting in Columbus.  Bob and Carls had ad in paper, turkey for 29¢/lb if you buy $50 of other merchandise.

Friday 1995 - JB called us about problems with their baby and this is Julie's birthday.  Cleaned out gutters.

Sunday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Monday 1997 - [Kentucky to home] We all parted ways at the Lexington airport.  Took Toyota tour, well organized, complete with ear [head] phones.  Ate at old restaurant in Georgetown, opened in 1910.  [Probably Fava's, at 159 E. Main St.]  Several antique stores there.  Gas 103.9¢.  Stopped at day old bakery in Cincy.  Jean called Jeanne Sanker from Mariemont Inn.  Graeter's one dip for $1.50, one bagel, 50¢.  Supper at Midland Crossroads, new owner has yet to take over.

Tuesday 1998 - Talked with Roberta, she leaves for Germany tomorrow.  Has several signed up for Passion Play trip .  UMW served lunch at Church for family of Lyle Sheffield, only it was an extended family, about 50 instead of the 25 expected.  A very windy day.

Wednesday 1999 - Jean had Women's Club here, Virginia Walker had program, a very slow day at the office.  Had call from Walmart that someone had turned in Jean's billfold there.  We had been to Kroger's so wonder how it got there.  United Parcel Service went with a public stock sale today.

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