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November 24, 1989-99

Gladys Hiestand Uible (1892-1993)

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Kentucky to home] MV had weight watchers items for our lunch.  I visited the new Lexington Public Library in the AM.  We left about 3pm, had supper at Bob Evans near Eastgate, gas 92.9¢. GHU needs help in going to the bathroom, she hears so well sometimes.  So many people already have up Christmas decorations.

Saturday 1990 - I felt lousy, dizzy and chills.  Jean helped take the bells to the Bank for playing.  The "Business Group" having dinner and dance at school house for $10 a person.

Sunday 1991 - [Santa Fe NM] Joe's choir group sang at the Unitarian Church in Albuquerque, the speaker on whether the test showed we were introvert or extrovert.  Earlier we drove out to where the balloons were landing and were invited to an instruction program.  The fellow was "primed" in an unusual plane.  Had lunch at Maria Teresa's in Old Town.  Joe's gallery there is really off the main tourist circuit.  Ice cream for supper, Haagen-Dazs and Ben and Jerry's (much nicer) though each was $1.75 a dip.  Joe needs some new chairs.

Tuesday 1992 - We went to Wilmington, had 3 appointments there, item in Sunday's NYT on Guatemala.  Ate at Donatos, new pizza place, where Hardees used to be.  Had about finished eating when Wayne Gary Page came over and we talked to him for about an hour, mostly about him and his two sons bike trip in Europe this past summer.

Wednesday 1993 - Heartland called us about 7am about GHU's condition.  Went over there, they had put her on oxygen and her color was better.  I went back about 5pm.  She wasn't breathing as hard, just resting peacefully.  She passed away about 7:15pm.  Sadie had been there all day.  [See below for timeline.]

Thursday 1994 - [Thanksgiving] Great Thanksgiving dinner thanks to MV and Julie.  Sunny day.  John and Julie tried a little tennis, cold wind.

Friday 1995 - [Orlando to Lake Worth Florida]  Had lunch in Vero Beach at Ocean Grill, called John Hardt, he retired there in 1983.  Went to Rob and Cindy's for recycled Thanksgiving dinner, beautiful pool.

Sunday 1996 - Adrian Roberts had speaking trouble at start of Sunday School.  MUH buys new suitcases. Rev. Moses, Keith got him, spoke at our evening service.

Monday 1997 - Bob and GG go to Las Vegas for 5 days.

Tuesday 1998 - [Laughlin NV to Phoenix] Good buffet breakfast at hotel, $3.98 each. OJ being made. Pit stop at Lake Havasu, drove around London Bridge and then walked out part way.  Saw a lot of RV parks.  75mph speed limit on I-10.  Close call coming out of Cracker Barrel.  Got to Kings about 5pm.  Met Wendy and Liz at Soup and Salad at Metrocenter.  They are looking at a new apartment.  Went to Fry's and got groceries.

Wednesday 1999 - Crowsons arrived about 5pm, had ham dinner.

Gladys Hiestand Uible 1892-1993 - timeline (incomplete)

22 Jun 1892 Ethel Gladys Hiestand born in Hillsboro, Ohio, parents Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand (1853-1929) and Ira Franklin Hiestand (1851-1912), sibling to Harry C. Hiestand (1872-1967), Luna Hiestand Mitchell (1874-1970), Dorsa D. Hiestand (1876-1959), and Fawley Hiestand (1879-1881).

10 Jun 1912 Marriage to Cecil J. Uible
[1912-1964 many events not all of which are yet documented]
1927  moved to New Vienna, Ohio
June 1962  celebrated 50th Wedding Anniversary

9/28/64 fell and broke femur neck bone in right hip
8/28/89 Kathy McIntosh begins caretaking
8/31/89 to Emergency Room w/hemorrhoid problems
9/13/89 talks of going into nursing home, wondering what to wear to MV's recital on 10/8
9/17/89 took GHU & Helen Drake to Westboro UMC #135 anniv
10/11/89 GHU buys 3 new dresses and new coat
10/12/89 GHU buys a hat during Dayton shopping trip with Jean & Roberta
10/31/89 not herself, no appetite and dizzy
11/4/89 cleaned her gutters
11/24/89 needs help going to bathroom
11/25/89 GHU fell in her bathroom and Lifeline called us
4/13/90 Weight = 96, up from low of 90
4/17/90 Dr. Bath makes house call to NV
7/15/90 to SS and Church and Leesburg for lunch, she likes the oysters
10/15/90 Blood Pressure 208/80, Emergency Room visit followed by hospital stay
10/22/90 Home from 7-days in hospital
10/24/90 Can't remember being in hospital
10/25/90 Physical Therapist visits
10/27/90 joined us and Roberta for Senior Citizens potluck dinner in Wilmington
11/8/90 wants to sleep more
11/9/90 to Dr. Moran, cut her nails
11/14/90 getting weaker, will only say a couple of words
11/20/90 has bright moments but won't feed herself
2/4/91 Enters Heartland in Hillsboro
5/2/91 Weight = 98
5/28/91 Heartland rates increase from $77 to $85/day (2011 rates $163/day)
8/11/91 Sadie accompanies her to John's wedding
8/23/91 Hortons got new fridge at GHU's $557.29
10/6/91 comes to lunch in NV, Fannie Moore & daughter Margaret (70) visit
10/7/91 new furnace @GHU house
10/13/91 GHU to Sunday School and Wooden Spoon for lunch
10/30/91 seems real good, enjoyed trick or treaters at Heartland
11/10/91 has gained 12# since Feb, now 102
6/25/92 article in Hillsboro paper about women over 100, including GHU
8/13/92 Weight = 94
8/14/92 Very uncooperative, spits out food, won't put teeth in
9/12/92 Came to NV for Helen Drake's 90th birthday
9/21/92 Weight = 95
11/8/92 very alert today
11/14/92 very good today, Roberta visiting
11/15/92 "out"
11/16/92 doing great today, complained about too much toilet paper
11/26/92 came to NV for Thanksgiving, Ginny weighs 18#
3/16/93 Weight = 103
5/10/93 Weight = 97
5/22/93 Weight = 98
6/10/93 Weight = 103
6/19-7/5/93 Hillsboro hospital for urinary infection, temp 104
7/5/93 back to Heartland, room 206
7/17/93 had an x-ray, temp 102
8/12/93 weight = 94
8/18/93 weight = 97
8/25/93 weight = 97.6
10/17/93 to Hillsboro hospital but not admitted, she is "out" most of the time
10/19/93 Roberta great help in visiting
10/20/93 sleepy and uncooperative about eating and drinking
10/26/93 high temperature problems, not doing well
10/30/93 really uncooperative
11/3/93 has lost 4#, down to 85#, refuses to eat
11/6/93 drank orange juice, can't get her teeth in
11/14/93 drank little milk and apple juice
11/15/93 about the same
11/16/93 has lost 3oz.
11/20/93 very uncooperative
11/23/93 won't drink much liquid
11/24/93 passes away at 7:15 pm
8/1/95 wrote final checks on estate
8/12/95 took surplus to Pregnancy Crisis Center garage sale
9/18/93 doesn't want to eat or drink
10/12/93 hard to get more than yes or no
10/28/95 winterized house
10/16/97 got porch fixed
10/11/98 tore out the porch ramp wheel chair entrance

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