Friday, November 26, 2010

Nov. 26, 1989-99 MV & Don announce engagement

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - MV called us.  Don asked for our blessing about their getting married next Aug. 25, in Wilmore.  He seems to be a nice person.

Monday 1990 - In Wilmington for Bowers appraisal, supper at CMH, then grocery shopping.  Going through Gertrude Clark's things I found news clipping as follows: [Clipping attached: 142,700 PER CENT . . . Investing in Florida land has made many a people rich over the years and the big transaction this week in Hardee County where CF Industries Inc. acquired 19,555 acres for phosphate mining from the Stuart Bros. of Bartow is an example.  The Stuarts were paid $101.5 million for the land, most of it pasture and ranch.  That calculates to about $5,190 per acre.  Later, while searching land records in DeSoto County (the Stuart land area of Hardee at one time was DeSoto), Tribute Heartland staffer Arch Abernethy, discovered that the father of J.K. and W.H. Stuart (the sellers of the land this week), acquired the property in 1906, most of it for the price of $3.50 per acre.  That amounts to an estimated 142,700 per cent increase in investment, or, about 2,000 per cent per year for about 71 years.  [Which would mean this clipping is from ~1977. – Great return on investment for sure!]

Tuesday 1991 - [Phoenix]  Off to Green Valley at 5:45 with the Morgans, who would play golf while we visited with Milt and Kate Foster.   Kate's sister, Sally and her 2nd husband came over for lunch.  New factory mall at Casa Grande [now mostly empty stores].  Catherine got new pair of shoes there.  Late supper at the Chinese Restaurant on 35th Ave.

Thursday 1992 - [Thanksgiving] Thanksgiving, brought GHU over at noon and took her back about 7pm. She enjoyed seeing Ginny, who now weighs about 18#.  Cleaned the curb and cutter at GHU and the yard with the lawnmower.

Friday 1993 - [Newark to home, GHU funeral pending] Left Newark about 10:30.  Julie had fixed us ham sandwiches with veggies which we ate en route home.  Made some purchases at Big Bear in WCH plus a stop at the old fashioned bakery Jim Smith came over about 4:30 and went over the "details."  Roberta brought Catherine down and also the new edition of Particular Places in Ohio.  John and Julie brought Joe for he had had several changes of planes.  Mares had driven from Boston to Lancaster where Larry started from.  Cris and Angela picked up Bill and Mary.  Cris and Angela left their children at home.  Rob didn't get in gear early enough to come.  [My recollection is that Rob claims Aunt Mary didn't tell them that Grandma had died until the night before when she asked if he would take them to the airport.]

Saturday 1994 - Hauled two loads of wood chips over to the Church.  Went to Wilmington in the pick-up to get a book about Sol Wachtler – double life.  Stop at Foster Haines, got a white shirt, Van Heusen "Editions" + two pairs of socks and a necktie, Robert Stock, $6.50 originally $20.

Sunday 1995 - [Lake Worth Florida] Went to SS (about 50 there).  Bob Horsback [?] spoke.  Rob and Cindy (17 and 14 years in teaching) took us to Lucille and Otley's for lunch.  I walked to Gulf Station Hotel.

Tuesday 1996 - Cut our Christmas tree from across the street.   Roberta called, spoke with Joe.  He now has a gallery in Scottsdale.  Got my right eye examined.

Wednesday 1997 - [to Newark] Drove to Newark, to Pond studio for which John had made appointment.  This guy talks so much it is hard to know when he takes picture.  Went to Church that PM with John, Julie and Kate.  Went to Amish bakery near East Main.

Thursday 1998 - [Thanksgiving, Phoenix] Ate at Fiesta Inn in Tempe (same ownership as Cherry Valley Lodge).  Very nice buffet.  At Kings Sid showed us how he gets on the internet to check on the "obits" in Iowa.

Friday 1999 - Crowsons went at 9AM to see the Hannahs, then we all went to Wilmington to see Ruth and I went to the Court House.  Had lunch at Young's Dairy.  Ginny liked to feed the animals.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Don't know about Pond Studio but that was the BEST picture EVER taken of Mom and Dad---of course, I don't know that they ever had a real professional one taken unless you count Church Directories.

Catherine said...

From John: The photographer is Richard Pound or Pound Studio rather than Pond. I must agree with Mary - it is a very good picture of Mom and Dad.

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