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November 5, 1989-99

Ginny into everything

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Went to Lytle UMC (Ken Colvin preacher there [his more current address appears to be Brunswick OH]) near Waynesville for Sunday School, 8 present, then church where John spoke.  The Colvins had a couple from Houston visiting them.  Also Bob and Bev Gooding came and Lisa, ate at the Hammel House.  [MV, John & HH all added notes in 2010:  Ken and Nancy Colvin were on the Holy Land/Israel trip in 1988.  John spoke on his mission trip to Eastern Europe in July 1989.]

Monday 1990 - Weather turned cold.  Jean sprayed our bedroom carpet and moved the furniture around.

Tuesday 1991 - Fairground grandstand issue lost.

Thursday 1992 - Went ⃞ dancing and Jean got new dance dress.  Mother in great spirits today.

Friday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Jean has cold and Ginny seems to be into everything.  She loves apple sauce, cottage cheese and bananas.  She sure hollers when put to bed and in fact climbed over the top.  We brought the hobby horse up for her to ride on.

Saturday 1994 - Harvest supper at church along with crafts.  Took in about $1500.  Cleaned out grape vines at GHU's.  Men's breakfast at Wilmington UMC.  Kathy Ruff spoke on her trip to Haiti.  John, Julie and Kate here after meeting in Middletown about Promise Keepers.  Planted about 20 trees in our back yard and across the street.

Sunday 1995 - Went to Golden Corral for lunch, still not our favorite, so many dirty dishes and dirty floor, especially at $15 for the two of us.  Called up MUH, she's still not unpacked.  [She left NV on 10/21 to go to Auburn and then Cris was to drive her to Florida.]

Tuesday 1996 - [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Wednesday 1997 - Vince Golden of Hillsboro spoke to our Lions Club on bridges, a firm foundation.  Made house deal with Arthur Gerard.  Gene Williams birthday tomorrow.  GG and Carolyn went to Harold S. for computer software demo.  Putting new 8" water line on our street.  Item in NYT about new edition of Joy of Cooking, $30.  Barnes and Noble had an older edition for $21.

Friday 1999 - Bar meeting, Jean had church meeting in Wilmington.  I went on to Dayton to file Wilson's account.  Jean baking turkey for church dinner tomorrow night.  Mowed front yard.  Took bag of books for library sale.  We walked down to Wells and called the family.  [Wells had free long distance with unlimited minutes on Friday evening.]

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