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November 4, 1989-99

Election and Lions Club

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Open House at the new law office for Allen and Judy Gano.  Planted 2 oak trees in our back yard near sewer line.  Cleaned GHU's gutters.

Sunday 1990 - The 3 of us went to Ponderosa to eat. Still good weather.  Finally got a letter off to the family.

Wednesday 1992 - 25 years ago the Blanchester HS building opened east of town, cost $12 per sq.ft.  Serena here with her new car, a Toyota Tercel.  Harry Ertel spoke at Lions Club on the Underground RR system through SW Ohio.

Thursday 1993 - [to Kentucky and back with Ginny] Had appointment with Dr. Kerr in Wilmington, a urologist at 9:45, he took some biopsies of the prostate area.  We left at 1 for Lexington to meet Don at the Dr.'s office near the Red Roof, she got some shots.  What a busy place with 7 doctors.  Left about 5 and oh the traffic.  Had supper at Perkins at East Gate Mall.

Friday 1994 - Jean working at Church, re the supper tomorrow night.  Happened to get flue shot at Health Dept. for $4.  "Dr." Vitgo down to see us.  He has been buying a lot of blue balls for his "back rub" unit.

Saturday 1995 - Men's breakfast at Wilmington UMC.  Emerson Colaw spoke, his 50th year in the ministry.  Talked about turning our disappointments into appointments, i.e. John Wesley when he had to leave the Church of England (he was too enthusiastic) and went to preaching in the open air.  Colaw spoke of his first charge at Rainsboro where they had a pit outhouse and a pump.  Ninth Leadership Clinton banquet at Snow Hill, $20 each, sat next to Bill Austen [?] who suggested Hotel Mexico near East Gate as a good place to eat.  Andy McCreanor retiring President.

Monday 1996 -  [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Tuesday 1997 - We went to Wilmington, Jean went to Dr., got high blood pressure medicine.  Ate at Senior Center in NV, election day lunch, $5.  Elaine Burton told of problems with Jason, spot on his brain, he had surgery.  In the evening we went to Martinsville UMC dinner.  Had a nice visit with Larry and Kay Martin, they have two children, 9th grade and a boy to graduate from college who has applied to pharmacy school.  Dave Stewart came in last for Richland Twp. Trustee.  Bob Carey reelected to EC school board.

Wednesday 1998 - Lions Club, Dana Dunseith spoke on the internet.  Bob McCoy to have knee operation.  Jean went to Sharon for UMW meeting.  Put some leaves on the garden.

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