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May 12, 1989-99

May 12, 1989-99 Happy Anniversary, Mary and Don

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Took Mother to Dr. Moran – foot Dr. in Hillsboro ($25).  Kroger's had special on 2% milk for 99¢/gallon.  Sankers invited us down.  Howard and Margaret Mailly [?] of Belmont Ave. and College Hill were also there.  Didn't get home until 1AM.  Gas 105.9¢ in Martinsville.

Saturday 1990 - [Wilmore KY to home, Mary Virginia and Don's Wedding Day]  A catered breakfast ($80) from 7 to 9AM.  We were at the Church (Wilmore UMC) at 9AM.  Had a real worship service (a good hour, then the receiving line 45 minutes +) for the wedding ceremony — very impressive.  Parts where we parents were to respond.  Roberta had quite a time "keeping" a room for GHU to take a nap.  Left at 3PM.  Rained most of the way home.  The honeymooners left about 2:15.  Roberta stayed with GHU – said she was up at 5AM to be ready for the wedding, she really held up well.  She did have trouble with the communion.  Due to the rain we came straight home.  Got 3 pizzas from Ralph's, $7.50 each.  He has a drive-through now.

Sunday 1991 - John and Julie came down about 4:30, visited GHU, she was pretty talkative, drank well – glass of milk, the shake and always water.  Had supper at Frontier Restaurant.  Men in Redeemers SS Class had Mother's Day program.

Monday 1992 - Mother doing well today, planted beans, squash, beets and carrots in the garden.  Jean went to Emmaus meeting in Wilmington.

Wednesday 1993 - Got new dishwasher from Murphy-Benham Hardware [worst fire in Hillsboro's history in 1928].  Mother's in good spirits.  Spiraea is in bloom.

Sunday 1996 - [Roberta, Cris and MUH visiting]  Stan Hannah and I spoke about our Mothers.  The nine of us went to the Elks in Wilmington for the Mother's Day Buffet, $9.95.  Then took Roberta to Columbus with a stop at the mall.  Bought the 1993 book, "100 Best Small Cities in the USA," was $12, now $2.  Ginny slept all the way back.  New carpet at church.  HQT said that Tom Rudisill had something to do with the older carpet.

Monday 1997 - Harper [Aaron?] lock box opening.

Wednesday 1999 - [to Cleveland]  Left for Cleveland for OBA meeting, had room #849 at the Renaissance Hotel, $144 per night + 3 taxes.  Had evening reception at the Science Center.

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