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May 4, 1989-99

May 4, 1989-99 Kate gets bike

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 6]

Friday 1990 - What a wet day and week.

Saturday 1991 - Planted tomatoes in our garden, also rhubarb plants from Brockmanns.  Had supper at Frisch's.  Joe and Mary Hiestand were there with Vivian.  Also the Richard Carr's.  Took GHU strawberries, she ate them well with the ice cream.

Wednesday 1994 - On Lions Club Committee (potatoes, jello and succotash) with Dana Dunseith (ham loaf), and Bob McCoy (strawberry pie, rolls and beverage).  Had Sharon King speak on banking and she gave away some prizes.  Sharon has been with the Bank 16 years, at New Vienna, 10 years.

Thursday 1995 - A robin has built a nest on our bathroom window ledge, when we opened the window the nest fell on the ground in the corner.  Two of the four eggs have hatched.  The Crowsons are to arrive this evening, they got here about 10PM.  Don has changed medicine for his high blood pressure.  Still quite wet.

Saturday 1996 - Serena left for Columbus, cleaned out garage at GHU's.  We went to Wilmington in PM.  Miriam Schwatz [Schautz?] seems to be slipping -- physically and mentally.  Ate at Taco Bell.  Ralph and Eleanor Elliott were there along with Jean Eaton, he was in NVHS class of '39.  Six cars in front of our house.  Hospital Guild market at the Bank.

Sunday 1997 - [Newark] Had breakfast at Evergreen Restaurant and then to Spring Hill Baptist Church at 10 for Sunday School.  They planted their 8th [?] year tree.  Had a late (4PM) lunch at Wendy's.  Ralph Bell, a Billy Graham Association spoke at the ball park at 7pm, two hours long, good turn out, it got cold.  Kate can ride her new bike.

Monday 1998 - Article in Walmart report that 100 shares of stock purchased in 1970 (when they went public) was now equal to 102,000 shares with a value of 5.1 million and 27,000/year in dividends.  Berkshire Hathaway having annual meeting, stock is at 69,000+.  GG's Mothers' Club ate at Phoenix Restaurant in downtown Jamestown.

Tuesday 1999 - We were in Wilmington at 8AM as Jean had appointment for a physical.   Went to Waynesville -- Foley [?], was really expecting more help.  Had early lunch at Taco Bell.  Got another bulb at Walmart for the piano light that we got for the Sunday School.  Item in WSJ where $1200 in Home Depot in 1981 would now be worth 1.25 million.

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