Monday, May 16, 2011

May 17, 1989-99

Ruth Shoemaker's Birthday

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Ruth Shoemaker's 71st Birthday, we took her to Club 94 in Wilmington for lunch, $18 for the 3 of us.  At 9AM we went for hearing test, both OK.  PJW told me of her retirement plans in another year.

Thursday 1990 - County business meeting at Staceys.  $4.50 for luncheon. 

Friday 1991 - [Roberta visiting]

Monday 1993 - Hortons arrived after an unannounced overnight stay with the Crowsons.  Talked with Roberta and she had made the Rim to Rim Grand Canyon trip with flying colors.

Tuesday 1994 - Called the Zooks, their 43rd Anniversary.  Marge having trouble walking, problem with her back.  Jay Ewing here to work – he is never for a lack of words. 

Wednesday 1995 - Jean had final appointment with Dr. Compton on her wrist [fractured on 4/8/95 on the Capitol steps in Richmond VA].

Friday 1996 - [Cincinnati for OSBA to Somerset]  Ate at La Normandy for lunch, good value and then used the ½ price coupon for supper at the Westin 5th Street Market.  Got to Somerset about 9:30 after minor auto incident on/after exiting I-75. 

Saturday 1997 - Cleaned and waxed the white car and went to Hillsboro to square dance.  Ed Pabst from Marietta was the caller.  His wife looked so young and then she showed us pictures of their grandchild.  At church breakfast Ron Roberts [?] spoke on "We are the salt, are we using it?"

Sunday 1998 - Pot luck at church, two graduating seniors, Matt Carey and Shane Rider (he is going into service).  They had Open House for Ruth Shoemaker's 80th birthday.  Opal commented on Ralph's memory getting worse.

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