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May 7, 1989-99

May 7, 1989-99 Ginny upset, excited

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1990 - Serena arrived home.  25 years ago item in WNJ "Lions Club house opened."

Friday 1993 - [Newark]

Saturday 1994 - [to Newark]  Drove to Newark for Kate's 1st birthday party.  She likes to push the little baby buggy.  For supper we went out and got some take out Chinese food.  She got a nice Little Tykes wagon.

Sunday 1995 - We ate at Bob Evans, then to Extended Care.  Pearl Halpin has been there about 3 months.  Then to Ruth Shoemaker's, she wondered if Roberta was coming.  Then to DQ where we used the Entertainment book to get 1 free shake.  Ran into the Donald Bernard's there.  Our little oak tree out front got bent over.

Tuesday 1996 - Park National seminar in Lancaster, their 4th annual, $20, a real deal.  Sat next to Harold Mansfield, Trust Dept. from Mansfield.  John Guard was also there.  More rain.  Ginny gets upset when she thinks about her Mother and Dad.  The TV gets her settled down.  Jean, Roberta and Wendy [probably should be Ginny] met Serena at Chili's for lunch and then took Serena to the airport for her flight to London.

Wednesday 1997 - John Johnson, Fire Dept. Chief had the program, 12 members present.  Think Orville and Josephine are worn out with John and his family living there.  Crowsons called us, Ginny was excited that she is going to have a brother or sister in December.

Friday 1999 - [to Newark] Left here about 3:00 after Jean got home from Sabina church meeting.  Had room 133 facing the inside at Cherry Valley Lodge, $99.  Went to Trout Farm for supper, then a swim at the hotel.  Kate stayed with us.

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