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May 25, 1989-99

Aunt Mary NVHS Class of '31

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1987 - Had letter from Ed Jones, he is 70 and blamed his nerve problems on not meeting us in Columbus for the Ohio Bar meeting.

Thursday 1989 - Went square dancing, $5/couple.  Buz Lukens trial dragging on.  Jean got silver bracelets from Kate Foster in Green Valley AZ.  We called John.  MV called us, she is going to a wedding near Toronto Canada this weekend.

Saturday 1991 - Saw GHU at breakfast time, spoke at NV Senior Citizens at noon on our trip to China.  In the PM worked the garden over and put some mulch around the trees.  NVHS 110th Alumni meeting, 176 present, $25/couple.   Virginia Wayland Rulon, Virginia Ludwick (not in our graduating class but attended school with us then moved away), [17 graduates in 1943] Bruce Kinzer and I there from my class.  MUH's class of 1931 was the honored class [which had 19 graduates, Aunt Mary is only surviving member of that class]. 

Monday 1992 - [Memorial Day, Kentucky with Serena to home]  Couldn't get any of the family to eat any of our breakfast.  Jean and I did use their indoor pool, it was too cool to use the outdoor pool.  Had lunch at Daryl's then Jean went with MV and Don to look at baby furniture and Serena and I went to the BIG bookstore at Lexington Green.  Heavy traffic on I-75, so we came part way on 25. 

Thursday 1995 - Jean and MUH went to program at CMH.  Josephine told Jean how poor Orville feels.  Cleaned out asparagus patch.  Leadership Clinton meeting at noon, lots of paper.

Saturday 1996 - Finally got weed eater to work, it's great.  NV Alumni event, $25/couple.  Willard McKenzie went on at great length, he was in the class of '31.  Marty Gillespie, the President had a group of Alumni in a choir.  Bruce Kinzer, Virginia Wayland Rulon and myself were there representing the class of '43.  Virginia spoke of Paul Eddy having prostrate cancer.

Sunday 1997 - John, Julie and Kate left about 10AM, it was Park National Bank day at King's Island, as Kate was not feeling good so they headed for Newark and gave us their tickets.  We drove down there and had lunch at Perkins.  Back to Lebanon, wandered through antique shops.  One gal was very talkative, her granddaughter had just graduated from Granville College at 19 with a 4.0 average.  Ice cream, $1.25/dip.  Saw Esther Salisbury at CMH with a hip replacement.

Monday 1998 - [Memorial Day] Pastor Mike spoke at service at Cemetery at 9:45.  John, Julie and Kate arrived at 1:45 after spending the night at Murphin Ridge.  They enjoy tennis, left around 5:30.  Went down to Wells to take down the flag, then rode bike out Careytown Road a short distance.

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