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May 30, 1989-99

Kate rides unassisted

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Picked first strawberries – 2 quarts.  Rototilled garden for first time.  Kroger's having cantaloupe for 29¢/lb.  Jean got our flag back from school.  We purchased it in 1961.

Wednesday 1990 - [Turkey]  [But on the home front...] Pick & Save Discount Grocery opened in Wilmington.  East Clinton was formed 25 years ago.  [However consolidation began in 1963 when NV combined with Lees Creek and Reesville to form Simon Kenton HS 63-64, name changed to New Kenton for 64-65, then consolidated with Sabina in 1965 to form East Clinton.]

Thursday 1991 - Worked at Ball Park, they sell water for 3¢/cup. 

Sunday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Potluck at church for graduating seniors (3) – Kevin Carey, Sarah Hill and Trisha Truitt, good turn out.  Minister's sermon: Is there any wind?  Acts 1:1-21.  They have a new 28' Motor Home.  Serena and Roberta went to Lebanon to meet Lisa, then we drove down later to get Roberta.  Had house advertisement in Realtor's window at $330,000.

Monday 1994 - [John, Julie and Kate visiting, Memorial Day]  Parade at 9:30.  We all went out except for Bill.  John, Julie and Kate left about 1:30.  We had Ann Bailey's lasagna left over from last November.  After they left, Jean drove for the first time in six weeks [since her cracked ankle in England in April.]  Went out to see the Harners, he is having trouble with his eyes.  Honda turned 75,000, washed and waxed the dirty spots on the car.  Roger Dalton – right track in the wrong place.

Tuesday 1995 - Jean and I made the cemetery loop and picked up the trash.  Harold Schautz was over and worked with GG on learning the new computer.  Bulbs at Jeani Florist are 25% off, put out 1 dahlia and a box of gladiolas, also 6 pepper plants.

Friday 1997 - Opened Henry Edwards lock box, unchanged in the 3 years since his wife passed away.

Saturday 1998 - [Williamstown MA to Bennington VT]  Visited Clark Art Museum, a beautiful piano there.  Lunch at Chef's Hat on Rt 7 North, good value.  On to Manchester, visited Robert Todd Lincoln's [son of Abraham] home and drove to top of Mt. Equinox.  Had a snack at McDonald's and reservations at 4 Chimneys in Bennington VT.  Walked to cemetery and visited Robert Frost's [March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963] grave.  A Ballantyne in an adjacent plot. 

Sunday 1999 - John, Julie and Kate arrive.  Kate can ride bike without training wheels.

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