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May 16, 1989-99 with original

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Jean to retire

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Jean told the school that this would be her last year. Gas bill, 146 CCFS [CCF stands for Hundred Cubic Feet], $83.55. Opal Nussbaum also retiring.

Thursday 1991 - [Roberta visiting]

Saturday 1992 - Went for AM bike ride.

Sunday 1993 - Opal N. suffering from a broken vertebrate. Took Ruth Shoemaker to see Lost in Yonkers [1991 Pulitzer Prize winning play by Neil Simon, made into a film in 1993], ($3.25 before 6pm, then $4.50) which was partially filmed in Wilmington. Recall that they were there for a week last year, and on the film for about a minute. The setting was 1942. Also some filmed in Ludlow, KY. We drove out Prairie Ave., across to Dover [Rd] and back on 134. Had sundaes at McDonald's, 89¢ each. Honda turned 57,000.

Monday 1994 - Met Jean in Wilmington. She had gone with Ann Bailey to a UMC meeting, had a sundae at McDonald's, still 89¢. Kroger's has cantaloupe for 99¢. Henry Edwards is in Heartland.

Thursday 1996 - [Cincinnati for OSBA] Had breakfast with WRU alumni. Jean met Jeanne Sanker and they had lunch at the Cincinnatian Hotel. In the evening we went to the Maisonette Restaurant, "last table we have", most entrees $28-30 range and the vegetables are $7+, etc. Really not worth it. [Closed July 25, 2005]

Friday 1997 - Name change hearing in Springfield. Spiraea [this word entered several times and spelled various ways but always with (sp?) added, according to Wikipedia it is also known as Meadowsweet which would be easier to spell] is coming in bloom. Got new bulb for Honda headlight at Bill Marine Honda in Springfield. Nick Anderson here to collect for GHU yard, 6 times this year at $12/time. Kroger's has display of ropes, jacks and 2½" balls for $1.99 each.

Saturday 1998 - Trimmed shrubbery for first time. Watered flowers at the church. The youth had put them out. Our '95 Honda turned 50,000 miles.

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Catherine said...

From HH: Re Spiraea: That has always been a tough word to spell for me. Easier to keep under control with electric hedge trimmers.

The original notes look like they are written in code, thanks for the translation .

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