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May 10, 1989-99

May 10, 1989-99 Cris runs out of gas

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Bought gas for van – first time since 10/88.

Thursday 1990 - Morgans and Roberta arrive in Columbus on TWA.  John and Serena met them.  John and Julie went on to Cincinnati area to stay with Julie's sister.  Jeanette Laymon came up and took Wendy out to Ralph's for a coke.

Sunday 1992 - [Mother's Day]  After church we went to Hillsboro to feed GHU.  John and Julie met us and we drove down to Murphin Ridge for dinner – very nice.  Ordered a rocker and a straight chair, made in Adams County near Stout, Ohio.  Mother was in good spirits at supper time and ate well.  Bought 3 trays of flowers and vegetables at Bob and Carl's and put out part of them.  John and Julie told us their "BIG NEWS."  Mary Virginia called – Virginia Michele and Jonathan Tyler are the names they have in mind.

Monday 1993 - [Kentucky to New Vienna]  We left Williamsburg about 7:30, same time that MV and Ginny leave for Somerset.  They had a phone call at 7AM from Diane that her husband had taken an overdose of pills.  We made a stop at Big Bone Lick State Park, though no buffalo in sight, then came up US 42, 25 and 127.  Oh the traffic and the Town and Country Restaurant was closed.  Had lunch at Mariemont Inn.  Got flowers at Bob and Carl's, $8.95 a flat.  Mother doesn't complain of pain so much, now weighs 97 lbs.  Planted the dahlias and garden plants tonight.

Tuesday 1994 -  Went to seminar in Lancaster, $15.  Rode down with John Gard [an attorney who works next to John at PNB].  We had supper at Garfield's at the Heath Mall.  The Vegetable plate was $4.99, iced tea $1.29.

Wednesday 1995 - Went to Columbus to hear Roy Adams of Chicago speak [Estate Planning].  Met Judy Gano in Wilmington at 7AM and we were back in Wilmington at 1PM.

Friday 1996 - Cris and Mary [MUH] arrived at 9PM, ran out of gas en route.

Sunday 1998 - [Mother's Day] Article on internet about Williamsburg VA from NYT.  Met John, Julie, Kate and Ashcrafts at Red Brick Tavern at 1pm in Lafayette.  Nice lunch.  Two antique shops nearby.  We came home through Springfield and then Youngs Dairy Bar, what a busy place.  Two dips are $3.30 but big size.  Left rhubarb at Walter Schotts, who were gone, he called later and left message about how very appreciative they were for the rhubarb.

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