Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Blog: New Vienna Ohio High School Memories

As some of you are already aware, I've started a new blog: New Vienna Ohio High School Memories for school and alumni history.   Also I have collected some school memorabilia images which will go well with the memories.

 My first dilemma (not much of one though) is whether to publish some posts I'm currently working on regarding New Vienna in the Roarin’ Twenties by Robert E. Wright, WNJ May 22, 1972 in the Uible blog or the NVHS blog. Since Wright is an alumni (1921) I'm leaning toward the school blog. Suggestions? Of course, I could cross-post, but then those of you who subscribe to both blogs would be getting it twice, which seems unnecessary. I'll probably put it one place or the other and put a promo on the one where it's not published.

Also coming soon here, the May 1952 grand opening of Wells Mfg. in their new building.

Hope that  you will be following me on the New Vienna School Memory trip also!

Jean and Catherine - April 17, 1949 10 weeks old - by fireplace at CJ& GHU's
Here's me, getting older and more tired.  Mother, you look great!  I'm sure Dad was treating you royally.  Thankfully I've continued with the getting older part and usually manage to stay awake until the sun goes down.  Blaze was 10 weeks old last week.

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