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May 18, 1989-99

Aunt Harriet dies

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [to Toledo for Ohio Bar Meeting]  Left for Ohio Bar Meeting in Toledo with stop in Bowling Green to see John Montgomery [son of H.E.?].  Have room 720 at the Radisson Hotel (two years old, next to Convention Center) [Possibly now a Crowne Plaza] for $72.  Had lunch at Kaufman's in Bowling Green near the freeway.  Supper at Boody's in Fort Industry Square.  Nice, but high ($53) – Veal $20, Fish $18.  Saw Clark Morrow at CWRU [Case Western Reserve] reception.

Friday 1990 - Got letter from Roger Ballantyne  that his mother [Harriet Cochran Ballantyne  -- couldn't find much about her, but did find a short obituary of Robert Brown Ballantyne who died at the age of 46 on 3/4/1956] had passed on, she was 73.  Bar meeting in Dayton, didn't make it.  Put out flowers here and at Wells, also tomato plants.

Saturday 1991 - [to Kentucky, Roberta visiting] We left for Berea where we were to meet the Crowsons plus John and Julie.  Today was to have been their wedding day.  A nice lunch there, most entrees about $9.75, lots of activity.  On to Jamestown on Lake Cumberland where MV had rented a 3-bedroom cabin – $69 now, $99 starting next weekend.  Also had tickets for dinner on their paddle boat, $25 each, with a 2-hour cruise and 2-piece music team.  Nice time.  A choice of chicken or prime rib for dinner.

Saturday 1991 - [Second entry with same date, could this have happened on the same day as above before leaving for KY?]  Keith Rankin spoke at Prayer Breakfast.  Cris came with his Dad as they are here for the weekend.  Wil had a fall down the basement stairs.

Monday 1992 - [to northern Ohio]  Picked up the Everett Bailey's around 1:30 and Jean in Batavia at the UMC at 2:15.  Made a stop in Leipsic to see Methodist Home [Leipsic Retirement Village?].  Jean called Lee Ackerman, her mother was 100 in 12/91.  We were to meet the Barry Wyants [?] in Deshler, he was on the Israel trip, sent his wife roses each day, 1, 2, 4, etc.  He had put out 18 flats of flowers around the church.  Had reservations at ?? [looks like Chef, Cheap or Chief Wa...., a hotel?] for $30.

Tuesday 1993 - Went to Estate Planning Seminar in Lancaster, only $15 for 6 hours C.L.E. [continuing education credit], sponsored by Park National Bank.  Jean went on up [to Newark] and I rode up with John Guard.  Stu told me that John had been promoted to Asst. VP.  Julie said they had received 88 cards re: Kate – she seems pretty angelic to me.

Thursday 1995 - More rain.  Went to Hillsboro and got authenticated copies on the 2 Long estates.  Went square dancing.  Crowsons called and said their home loan had gone through.

Saturday 1996 - [Somerset KY]  Went to Wizard of Oz production.  Don cooked chops on their grill.

Sunday 1997 - Graduation potluck at UMC.  We were hosts on Barnabas Program, 67 people there.  Had loads of food.

Tuesday 1999 - [to New Hampshire with Roberta] Drove to Columbus for U.A. flight to Manchester NH, via Chicago.  Had reservations at Econo Lodge for $45.  Muffins and coffee for breakfast.  Roberta had rented a car there, quite a time getting to the motel, actually at Exit 4 on I-293.

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