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May 9, 1989-99

May 9, 1989-99 Chicken Coop

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1990 - Took GHU to Joann Gruber for wash and wave set.  Mother does look better but hard to get her engaged in speech.  Serena left for Columbus.

Thursday 1991 - Demolition of buildings for Wilmington's new city hall is underway.

Saturday 1992 - GHU really sleepy, could not get her teeth in.  Jean cleaned out the freezer.  Planted two purple lilac bushes.  Ran across the old chicken coop in Mother's garage.  I do recall having the live chickens – she would put a broom handle across their necks and pull.  Good outlet for the garbage.

Sunday 1993 - [Kentucky, Mother's Day]  Went to Somerset for SS and Church, had Mother's Day lunch at Williamsburg Lodge.  At 5:00 there was the dedication of the new wing at Pleasant View (cost $25,000).  The Bishop (Morgan) quoted Wallace Hamilton of the Pasadena Church in St. Petersburg FL and the DS were both there.

Monday 1994 - [Sherrodsville OH to WV and back to OH]  Had a heavy breakfast before leaving, went through East Liverpool (Smith Furniture has been out of business for some 5 years), then Chester and New Cumberland, our first visit to the Library, then to the cemetery.  Visited Virginia Marshall briefly.  Got new wheel chair wheel in Steubenville.  The old Hub Department store building has been torn down.  They have some nice outside wall paintings [murals] on some buildings.

Tuesday 1995 - Jean and I went to Lancaster for 3rd annual meeting at Holiday Inn.  $20 a real bargain for credit.  We came back through I-270 and 71 (20 miles further than US 22) and ate at Cracker Barrel, which has new menus out in 4/95.  Jean had UMW meeting at Linda Croghan's. A really wet day today.

Thursday 1996 - Jean, Roberta, and Ginny took Ruth Shoemaker to Damon's.  Ruth is 79.  Ginny enjoyed going to the park near the tennis court, goes back to 1981 when Wells gave the land.

Saturday 1998 - Had Matt Terrell (Tom and Julia's son) in for our internet problems. though he didn't figure out what our problem is – no mail is leaving the outbox.

Sunday 1999 -  Mother's Day also Youth Sunday at Church.  Tony Wearington [?] told Jean he and his wife are splitting up.  Planted those 8,000 seeds (flower) at edge of garden.

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