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May 3, 1989-99

May 3, 1989-99 Unique tea

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 -  [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Thursday 1990 - Got haircut at Greg's, $5, he is going to start work in Chillicothe and do barbering at night.

Friday 1991 - Planted flowers around house, GHU's and Wells.

Sunday 1992 - Ponderosa now open in Hillsboro.  We ate at Wooden Spoon, as BIG crowd at Ponderosa.  Mothers' Day Tea at Heartland.  UMW day at East Monroe and Leesburg, where Jean was the speaker.  Picked up pay stub on Vicki Denver, New Sabina Industries, $9.35/hour.

Monday 1993 - [Wooster to New Vienna] Drove over on part of old US 30 to Galion to visit Ed and June Jones.  Ed will be 77 this year.  Galion has a nice Public Library, new addition, etc.  Stopped in Delaware.  Jean got some unique tea there.  Then supper at the Refectory on Bethel Road [Columbus], $35 for the 2 of us, VERY uncrowded, great rolls and nice atmosphere.

Tuesday 1994 - Jean had Mothers' Club at New Vienna Senior Citizens.  Waldo Ferguson sang.  Spiraea getting white.

Wednesday 1995 - On Lions Club committee with Bob McCoy and Harold Cooper [and wife ran restaurant in NV] -- meat loaf, scalloped potatoes, green beans, peas, rhubarb pudding with ice cream.  Jean now has a cast she can take on and off.  [Wrist fracture on 4/8/95]

Friday 1996 - Bar meeting, talking with Flora Daniels, still working on her 1994 tax returns.  Serena arrived and helped us on the computer.  Picked rhubarb for Hospital Guild market tomorrow.

Saturday 1997 - [Parkersburg WV to Newark] Hotel [Blennerhassett] having convention so SLOW breakfast which went with the room.  Visited the Campus Martius Museum in Marietta -- new exhibit on people migrating from the farm to the village to the city.  Hard rain en route.  Kate had her #4 birthday party at 3pm.  Julie had made a pretty cake.  We ate supper at the Old Pub.  Have room #282 at Cherry Valley Lodge, had listed $128 but changed it to $99.  Kate did real well spending the night with us.

Sunday 1998 - Choir is adjourning for summer.

Monday 1999 - Howard Page, 90, passed away, write-up in paper mentioned his being on old New Vienna Bank Board.  Dow hits 11,000.

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