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April 27, 1989-99

April 27, 1989-99 Court of Appeals Day

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Friday 1990 - Went to Middletown to Court of Appeals Day at Manchester Hotel -- nothing downtown there at all.  Went to see Creative Packaging re new Wells Catalog.   Visited Middletown Public Library, very nice.  Also library in Waynesville, then supper downtown, Chicken $7.95, onion soup $2.50.  Bought gas for 93.9¢.

Saturday 1991 - [Hershey PA to New Vienna]  Left Hershey at noon, a RUSH trip to the Emmaus meeting in Wilmington as Jean was sponsoring Carolyn Thornburg.  

Monday 1992 - More rain, [first name?] Meade appointment in Martinsville.  Mother in good spirits.  My hands are always cold to her.  It's interesting to watch her look at people as they come into the social room.

Wednesday 1994 - [Gatwick England to Ohio] Lots of red tape clearing customs, while in line got talking with Jim Ritchey of Newark who knew John.  Got gas at the airport 52.9p for a liter or about $3/gallon.  We were in row 37 F and G and had an extra seat so flight went well.  We landed in Cincy in the new terminal and had a LONG walk, train starts next month.

Thursday 1995 - Jean had dental appointment in Wilmington then we went on to Otterbein for Jean's meeting and I saw Mrs. [first name? husband's name?] Finch.  Took extra music books to Kate Sheppard and a couple of stops at the Court House (Norma [last name?] told me that 4/28 would be her last day, she wants to enjoy life now that she is 60.)  Then to Micro Mall, took the old computer back and got a new one with scanner.  Met the Sankers at Boston Chicken.

Saturday 1996 - John Z [Zurface?] auction sale -- $2700/acre.  Jean had UMW meeting in Hillsboro.  Felt a little dizzy this AM.  Planted grass seed over at church.  The Kings brought their bird over while they sprayed their house.  Into the language section of the Encarta.  Mary Horton called re plans to come up and perhaps move into a smaller place in the Lake Worth area.

Sunday 1997 - [Somerset KY] Don's class was studying Revelations.  We ate out at the Lake.  Don had the evening service.

Tuesday 1999 - Annual meeting of CSX at Greenbrier, 3 night rate of $919 per person, additional night $236 per person + service charge + tax.

John added in 2010: 1994 Jim Ritchey who they met in England still asks about Mom and Dad. He ran the social security office here in Newark and his mother is a trust customer of mine.  I had forgotten how they met.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

1997: Don (my husband) was teaching a class on Revelation at that time. Took me a minute to remember who Doris might be!

Catherine said...

Corrected Doris' to Don's per MV's comment. Thanks, Mary!

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