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April 14, 1989-99

Waynoka, White and Paint

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Saturday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]  Quite an effort to get Mother to swallow  a pill.  Roberta stayed overnight with Mother.  Mary Virginia, Don and Ken (who will be teaching Greek at Asbury) came for overnight.

Sunday 1991 - Went to Hillsboro.  Virginia Walker called us about going to Lake Waynoka for a square dance.  After dance we went to Lake Manor Restaurant with the group.  Dorothy Hodson's [Bob's wife] father is also at Heartland.  She is still anti-flying and worried about her Dad.

Monday 1992 - [Kentucky]  Met MV for lunch at Wendy's then we visited the computer place.   Somerset Mall is 10 years old and has a lot of vacant stores.  The choir had a musical special.  Betty Bowles (MV's teacher) was one of the soloists.

Wednesday 1993 - 15-year-old Blanchester girl charged with trying to use a gun in school.  Also inmate problems at Lucasville Prison.

Thursday 1994 - [to England]  Flew to London via Detroit on our Frequent Flyer miles (70,000).  Took Cynthia a 12" paper trimmer, Hunt Mfg. Co., Statesville NC.

Friday 1995 - Met the Goodings at Bob Evans in Wilmington then we went to see the Lincoln Presentation -- April 14 is the day Lincoln attended the Ford Theater and was assassinated.  Each ticket was $7.50.  Honda turned 8000 miles.  Jean went to bake sale at CMH that the TWIG was sponsoring.  Also Dr. W. put a tighter cast on her arm.

Sunday 1996 - Mike Cowman spoke at church -- joke about lost pig that the policeman told him to take to the zoo and he was so good he took him to King's Island and saw the same policeman again.  Met Helen Carr and Vivian Hiestand in -- open house at Mugs -- need a lot of imagination to live there.  We drove to Lake White Club near Waverly for lunch.  Saw Paint Lake Dam en route.  Vivian is 83 [she passed away on 3/28/2010], has a son in Grand Rapids, MI and a daughter and grand-daughter (an M.D.) in Chapel Hill NC, also a daughter in Seminole, FL.

Monday 1997 - Rob Rankin here to work on chimney, charges $18/hour.  Milk still 99¢ a gallon.

Tuesday 1998 - Men putting on a soffit [redoing the eaves] around our house.  Jean went to Cincinnati to meet Jeanne Sanker and then for a luncheon at Kenwood Country Club.  Crowsons leave.

Wednesday 1999 - [Serena visiting] Three of us went to Wilmington.  Jean had appointment at Faye's to get her hair cut.  Tried to see Leon Salisbury at CMH with broken hip.  Had lunch at Jay's Landing where 94 South used to be.  Jean had Women's Club at Virginia Walker's.  Elsie S. having her health problems.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1992 voice teacher was Ginny Bowles and music program was Faure's "Requiem" (Mass for the Dead). It was a bomb both churches where I conducted it!

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