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May 8, 1989-99 GHU wants to go home

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1990 - Picked first spinach.  Watson defeats McMillin for County Commissioner.

Friday 1992 - Tulip festival in Holland MI through 5/18.  First time Mother has talked about wanting to go home.  Made Delta reservations to fly to Alaska in July.  Mother in good spirits.

Saturday 1993 - [Newark to KY]  We had lunch at Exit 110 at Cracker Barrel.  Gas 99.9¢.  Ginny is really growing up – feeds herself with her fingers.  Cut down or rather pushed over a dead tree for them.  Mary Virginia has lost a big toe nail from the Grand Canyon trip (the nail had turned black).

Sunday 1994 - [Newark to Sherrodsville OH]  After church we had dinner at hotel in Roscoe Village and then on to Atwood Lodge.  [Scheduled to close 10/1/10 after 45 years in business.]  Broke one of the small wheels on the wheel chair on the way to the tennis courts.  Went into Dellroy for supper.

Wednesday 1996 - Jean and Roberta went to Women's Club meeting at Steak Place at Rocky Fork North Shore.  Prayer meeting at parsonage but no sign of Ray's wife.  Ginny can ride her trike pretty well.  Evie Johnson here at 5:30 and stayed for a snack.  Tom and Emily Salisbury have gone back to Peru. 

Thursday 1997 - To Cincinnati for Jean's Dr. appointment.  Had lunch at La Bone [?] across from Public Library.  Went to Law Library, now $5 fee per day for non-county, though she didn't charge me since it was 3PM.  It is on the 6th floor.  Lots of interesting stuff at Public Library, parked in garage 3 hours for $1.  Ate at restaurant in Mariemont that the Spencers in Alabama suggested.  Theater there is now open and the [attached] Bistro Gigi is getting ready to open.

Friday 1998 - Took Walter Schult to OSBA meeting in Dayton, got in 6 hours credit.  More rain.  Walter is 80.  They are trying to sell their house for $180,000 and move into a smaller house.  More rain.  More problems with Dragon Internet.  Article in WNJ how they [the WNJ? or Dragon Internet?] are going to have a security person on duty since they have had two problems this past week.

Saturday 1999 - [Newark to New Vienna]  After breakfast in the room [Kate spent the night] we went for a swim, to the playground, and then to search for the ducks.  Article in last Sunday's NYT about Pittsburgh and about traveling in southern India.  Went to Touch of Love for sandwiches, run by Lori.  Kate's 6th Birthday Party started at 2PM.  They had worked hard to have the outside spruced up and then the dark clouds kept most of us inside.  Left about 4PM, a stop at Leggs where Jean got some hose, supper at Wendy's.  Got to the C.J. Moore's about 7PM, he is now the Sabina Village Administrator.  Had tickets at the Murphy 80th Anniversary for a Gershwin program.  Refreshments at Frisch's afterwards.  Bob Evans closes at 10PM, Frisch's at midnight.  ElderHostel US and Canada update issue arrived.  Got annual survey [or summary] from CMH and Otterbein Home.

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