Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29, 1989-99 Class of '43

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [John and MV visiting, Memorial Day]  We all walked out to the cemetery at 9:30.  Ed Johnson spoke.  MV and her friend Sandy left at 7:30 as MV was to be at work at 11am.  Had hot dogs for lunch and John left about noon.  Made yogurt ice cream.  Oh yes, couldn't find our flag.  Jean recalled loaning it to a teacher at school.

Tuesday 1990 - [Turkey]

Wednesday 1991 - Tomatoes turning red, broccoli forming.

Saturday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] We met Roberta at Heartland, then a 44 mile drive via 136 to Moyers [near Manchester].  We were there at 2:30 and the outside was well filled.  It was $19 for the 3 of us, tax included.  Came back via Ripley, 53 miles that way.  Went in US Shoe outlet store in Ripley.  Got back to NV just as Cris and Angela were arriving.  Fast afternoon as we were to be at school at 5:30 as the social hour [for NVHS Alumni] was from 6-7pm.  Of the 18 in our class [1943], 5 are deceased and 5 were there – Virginia [Wayland] Rulon, Aleda Purtee, Bruce Kinzer, Darold Whitmer, and myself.  We left during the dance and visited with Cris, Angela, Laura and Wil.  They are en route to NC to try and sell these lots, subdivided into 12 lots.  Wilbur Cline and his quartet had the program tonight. 

Sunday 1994 - [John, Julie and Kate visiting]  Cris and Angela, Laura (7) and Wil (5) were here.  He is especially active.  Jean had a super dinner for us. 

Monday 1995 - Memorial Day, Sid Clay spoke, said he used to be a drill sergeant.  MUH was here for lunch and left after ice cream for supper.  Jean and Joan Gruber went to Emmaus walk in Hillsboro on the 5th Monday. 

Wednesday 1996 - Went to the dentist - McMullen, for a filling - been going there since '81 when Dr. Hause retired.  Bible study at Hannah's.  Keith Rankin telling us how his first job out of HS was as an orderly at Christ Hospital.  Jean went to Hillsboro for Anderson Estate Tax.

Thursday 1997 - Leadership Clinton meeting, more rain.  Had lunch with the Baileys at the Chinese restaurant.

Friday 1998 - [Flew to Hartford, on to Williamstown MA]  Had Delta Weekend Escape tickets to Hartford.  Visit to Northampton [where] Public Library and Calvin Coolidge Library/Museum [share a] duplex, Also Deerfield, then on to Williamstown where we had a nice room at the Orchards Hotel.  Very few there for dinner.  Had detour en route because Rt. 2 was closed from fallen trees on the highway.

Saturday 1999 - Cleaned up at Wells, then trimmed shrubbery around the front of the house.  I was tired.  Alumni Banquet.  Marjory Kilpatrick was President.  We bought 10 of the small saucers – liquidating the school's china.  The Rankin family (7 altogether) sang.  We sat next to Don and Helen  [Roberts] Dean, Class of '29.  Bob Bernard ['34] and his new wife were next to them.  He went into great detail about his career.  Paul Eddy Rulon is sure slowing down.  Don T... seems to have new life, told of taking ballroom dancing in Florida and meeting the gals.  Sat across from Marie [Linkhart] T... ('61) and her son Dan, who received the scholarship.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Maybe I can help with a couple of the names:
yes, Marjory Kilpatrick and her husband Lewis, also same ones who owned the Leesburg restaurant that GHU loved so well---don't remember a name, we just always called it "Leesburg".
Don Dan should be Don Dean, I believe.
Also, Hannaliah's for Bible Study (1995) is probably Georgialia Hannah's?

Catherine said...

Thanks, Mary! I removed the question mark after Marjory Kilpatrick, corrected the "Dan" to Dean and made the correction to "Hannah's" (1996 actually). Looked at Dad's entry again and it did look more like Hannah's in the first place, but obviously I was trying to combine it with her first name which I have difficulty remembering the correct spelling. In later entries (I'm on June 11 now) I've quit using so many question marks unless the name looks blatantly wrong to me. I DO appreciate your and Dad's comments and corrections! Hope to get back to the postcards eventually but that may be next year....

Mary Uible Crowson said...

Catherine---I just enjoy reading it each day! Sometimes I get to read it first thing in the morning. Has inspired me to start my own diary of sorts as of 2/1/2010

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