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May 2, 1989-99 Deep discount

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 5]

Wednesday 1990 - Lions Club.  [I'm] on committee with Ernie Cochran (he is 80) and Dana D.

Thursday 1991 - Martha Brewer called from Cincinnati about changing her will.  Had supper at Ryan's on S.R. 125, entrees $4.79, then over Rt. 125 to 62 to Hillsboro.  Mother had her catheter removed, seems real good, now weight is up to 98#. 

Saturday 1992 - Planted onions in the garden, also sowed grass seed.  Went to Barber Shop Quartet and group at the Murphy Theatre, we got home at 11:30.  Bob and Carl's have their plants in.  Spiraea is in bloom.

Sunday 1993 - [Cleveland to Wooster] Ate in the Grille (in the basement of the Sheraton), made a stop at Marc's, the deep discount store (so their ad says), they sell 3 of our 16oz bubbles at 98¢.  Had reservation at the Wooster Inn, Room 103 for $73, included a big breakfast.  We had a snack at TCBY and then stopped at the College Library. 

Monday 1994 - UMC Administrative Board voted to modernize the Women's Restroom.  We were pleasantly surprised in the English places that had wheelchair rest room facilities.  Mary Virginia called about the Dr. at Somerset who committed suicide and she would need to be there for the services so they will not be up this week.

Tuesday 1995 - [Water and electric bill info was entered here, but I switched it to 5/1 to be with 1990 and 1992 info.]

Thursday 1996 - New mini [?] Public Library in NYC at 34th and Madison, used to be a Department Store.  GG's sister in Dayton to have open heart surgery.

Friday 1997 - [Washington VA to Parkersburg WV] Had nice breakfast at Bed and Breakfast at 9AM and bought Kate a birthday gift at one of the shops.  We made a mistake in coming back on Rt. 50, full of curves.  Got to Parkersburg about 5PM.  Staying at the Blennerhassett Hotel, open since 1889.  Ate at Mountaineer Restaurant on Rt. 50, just west of I-77.  Liver and onions $4.45.

Saturday 1998 - [Newark for Kate's birthday]  Had breakfast at Sparta Restaurant in downtown Newark, slow service, etc.  Once is enough there.  Back through Washington CH, replacing paint and bridge.

Sunday 1999 - Article in NYT about south India.

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Catherine said...

From John: 1998 - Sparta Restaurant in downtown is now closed. Dad could have predicted that with their slow service 10 years ago.

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