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May 14, 1989-99 Roberta's Birthday!

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Had lamb for dinner, Mother enjoys eating.  Went to Weastec (1600 N High St.) in Hillsboro, the new Japanese plant to see the play Beginning (or the Creation of the World and All That).  A beautiful plant and the play was excellent, just three characters.  The gal was Susan Kensinger Gingerich, her husband is Norman and they live at 12647 Martinsburg Road, Leesburg (near E.M.).  He teaches in Greenfield and had built a tandem recumbent bike this past week. 

Monday 1990 - [Roberta and Hortons visiting]  Had GHU and Hortons up for Roberta's birthday dinner.  Article in WSJ about how Knotts Berry Farm started serving chicken dinners in 1934 for 65¢. 

Tuesday 1991 - Peonies are out in bloom.  We have a lot of rabbits around the yard.  Trimmed shrubbery at the parsonage.

Thursday 1992 - We went to Cincinnati, had IRS program at Ramada Inn on Pfeffer Rd [now Crowne Plaza].  Ate at BP Petroleum, pint of milk and 2 oz. fig bars, $1.04.  Jean visited with Jeanne Sanker.  She got 3 loaves of bread at the Madison Ave. Bakery.  $10+ (2# each).  Met Serena and had supper at Shady Brook, north of Millville on Rt. 27.  My pasta was $9.  Picked up baby things at a friend of Serena's.  Got home about 10PM and Hortons arrived a couple minutes later.  They had driven from Columbia SC, had avoided Atlanta because of the "lady bugs." [?]  John called about Julie's miscarriage.

Friday 1993 - [in Dayton for OBA]  Meetings began at 8:45, Jean met Serena at the Library and I met them at 5:15 and we went to eat at 4 River Place (2** in Mobil Tour Book).  Jean and I then went to Books and Co. – oh what a selection, then to White Mountain Creamery, listed as a good place for yogurt in the Dayton Magazine, $1.35 for small cone.  We came home via Wilmington Road, new Meyer Store at Wilmington Road and Stroop Rd.

Saturday 1994 - Went to Hillsboro, got 6 trays of flowers and 7 hanging baskets, $120, and to think our original shrubbery was $200.  Called Roberta on her birthday.  She had taken the Morgans to the airport for their to trip to South Dakota.  Sharon King and Roger Leslie married. 

Sunday 1995 - [Mother's Day]  After a snack here we left at 1:30 for Waynesville, where we had reservations for 9 at Der Dutchman, what a crowd.  Two meats and one vegetable with bread and dessert was $10.95, 3 meats and 2 vegetables for $2.25.  Mary went with Cris and Angela to Auburn, has an appointment there to see about her gums.  Nellie Thornburg was the oldest Mother [at church], she will be 95 in October.  Georgialia asked each Mother what they remembered about what their Mother always told them and awarded prize for most popular.

Wednesday 1997 - Women's Club guest luncheon at the Center, interesting talk on the First Ladies (wives of the Presidents), 1½ hours, though interesting.

Friday 1999 - [Cleveland] Jean had breakfast in pool area then to Science Center to see movie "Alaska".  Lunch there, then to Rock and Roll Museum and she was ready to leave when she got there.  Parking $11/day in Town Center.  Supper at place on Bellflower.

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