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May 15, 1989-99 Mile long word

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - Hortons arrived, they have a new Ford.  They really like the Senior Citizens, especially the big $1.50 luncheon.  PJW [Phyllis] talking of retiring in another year. 

Tuesday 1990 - Left New Vienna at 10:15 to take Roberta to Columbus airport.  Lunch at 94th Aero Squadron (most entrees $6.95).  Jean and Mary went to City Mall, hard rain coming home, even the electricity was off.  Jean got print out at Lazarus of MV's gift registration. 

Wednesday 1991 - Roberta arrives, lots of repaving on I-71 and I-270.  Mother seemed real good, tells us when she wants to use the bathroom.  Roberta brought lots of grapefruit.  We ate at Frisch's.

Friday 1992 - Put mulch around the trees at NV UMC, New Vienna Senior Citizens trip to Swim Place [?] in Columbus.

Saturday 1993 - Men's breakfast, Al R. spoke on attitudes, the longest word in the dictionary is SMILES, a mile long.  Put out flowers in front of planter, new green house near Evans Hill on the way to Hillsboro.  Mother is in good spirits today.  Made plane reservations for Oregon trip in July and also to Boston in September.  Roberta is going to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.  Keith Rankin is 55.

Sunday 1994 - Met the Gooding's and Lisa at the Midland Restaurant, all 5 of us shared the one bowl of soup, then split the pie pieces.  Never a lack of conversations with them.  Bob is going to retire at the end of this month.  Lisa spoke of her trip to England 5 years ago like it was yesterday.  More rain.

Wednesday 1996 - We left for Cincinnati for OSBA Meeting.  Had supper at Grand Finale.  In room 607 at the Hyatt, $142/night.  Cincinnati had 2.6 inches of rain.

Thursday 1997 - Still no luck with internet.  Went square dancing, caller was Topple McGuffey [Erle (Topple) McGuffey, 55, of Lakeshore Dr., Lexington, died Saturday, May 12, 2007].  Ran into George Irwin, he's been in Cocoa FL for 31 years, he is 73, has been retired since '71

Friday 1998 - Had Mark Piatt [?] over from Wilmington High School, he put on Windows 95 for us, here about 5 hours. 

Saturday 1999 - [Cleveland to home] At Baymont Inn at Mansfield Road and I-271, ordered 1 item of pastry and fruit and it is hanging on our door.  Went to Marc's, 4-8oz bubbles for 99¢.  Drove around Pepper Pike to see Ya.... house.  Met Lillian at Napa Valley Restaurant at Beechwood Mall at 11:30, we were there for 2 hours.  Her husband died in 1979.  Their three children, oldest is 49, son lives with gal for 12 years but not married and daughter has unhappy marriage.  Supper at Frisch's in Wilmington, talked with Owen Smith, he retired when he was 62.

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