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May 6, 1989-99 Welcome Katherine Elizabeth Uible

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Our bike group reached Jacksonville Beach – what a 5 week trip.  Flew home on Delta.

Sunday 1990 - First time Mother had been out in a month.  We walked down to see Nellie T.  I then drove around and visited Fannie Moore.  Saw postcard at Mothers from when we visited the Greenbrier in 1959.  Spiraea is in bloom. 

Wednesday 1992 - Went to Columbus for Banc Ohio Annual Estate Planning meeting with Roy Adams from Chicago as the speaker.  Visited the Main Library, was going to have lunch at Ca....[?] but only open in the evening, so ate at Handke's, on Front Street, used to be a brewery.  [Handke's closed 6/20/09 after 18 years.]  Then ice cream in Washington CH, GHU was sleepy, would not hold her glass of milk.  Tim Smith of Sheriff's Department spoke at Lions Club on drugs, 13 present.

Thursday 1993 - John called us at 2:30AM that Julie's water had broken.  He called again at 12:30 as the baby (Katherine Elizabeth Uible, 6 pounds, 12 ounces) was born at 12:14.  We got there at 4PM after at stop at the bakery in WCH.  Baby very angelic and Julie had breast fed her.  Left about 6 after a snack in the Hospital Cafeteria.  New Hotel going up at the Cherry Valley Road exit.  Stopped at French Hardware to look at dishwashers.  Did buy some garden seed.

Saturday 1995 - We met the District Superintendent (Shirley Cadle and her husband Shorty) and the new couple – Roy King at the Wooden Spoon.  He is from Yorkshire and she from Scotland.  Had PPR meeting at 7PM, did have 7 members there and lasted about 2 hours.  The Crowsons are still house hunting. 

Monday 1996 - Mary Virginia and Ginny arrive – she is a live wire – just arrived and then to the playground.  MUH called up, they plan to leave this Thursday.  Decided to go to Young's Dairy Bar instead of Winds [?] this Saturday as now Angela and two children want to meet with us.

Wednesday 1998 - Lions Club Meeting, 16 present.  No program, Tom Terrell and Bob Carey spoke on progress at new High School, to be a phone in the elevator.  Got new tennis shoes in the mail.  Bob McCoy going to Westtown for his 60th HS reunion.

Thursday 1999 - Item in WNJ that Crysteco is closing, laying off 200 people.  Nick Eveland works there.

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