Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 22, 1989-99 Mt. Washington COG RR

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

1988 - DP&L, 26 KWH

Monday 1989 - DP&L, 21 KWH, $52.74 ($1.70/day)

Tuesday 1990 - We went with the Hortons and GHU to Leesburg.  The Chicken Pot Pie is $5.95.  Roger Littleton brought over the "hoists" to try out.  Bev Gooding called wanting Serena's phone # as she had news on the Greenville Library job.

Friday 1992 - DP&L, 23.3 KWH, $58.94

Saturday 1993 - GHU sleepy again, the bright sun did not faze her, weight = 98#.  Bought a rocking chair for $25 from David McGrath, the Fairview Friends minister, plus more books.  They are moving to London, England, have been here 3 years.  Cleaned street and sidewalk at Wells.

Sunday 1994 - Had lunch in Hillsboro, the old Parker House Hotel, Laura Hughes had raved about the place but really quite ordinary buffet.  The Hortons got here about 2PM.  Barnabas program at church tonight.  Trying to do more extra walking, yesterday I walked the loop around Cemetery Rd and today around block twice, 7 minutes each time. 

Monday 1995 - Trimmed shrubbery along the fence and also in front of the house.  Our ElderHostel tickets came today via Fed Express.  Jean went to dinner at CMH, program on dialysis machine. 

Wednesday 1996 - Still working on the brief for the Z case.  Had Bible Study at the Salisburys.  2 Samuel 12.  Esther is sure having trouble getting up and down.  Catherine called, think Best West will buy the lot.  Funeral for Connie Smith.

Thursday 1997 - Henry Edwards passed on.  Article in WNJ re Malcolm Bean planting 1260 walnut trees, mostly north of Port William, will mature in 25 years.  Planted 2nd crop of beans and beets.  Lots of kids are using the church parking lot.  Sent out the Purtee checks, $33,000 to 8 different charities.

Saturday 1999 - [New Hampshire with Roberta] Went on the Mt. Washington COG RR trip.  Pat's mother, Lydia, was in the dark as to this as she would have said no.  It was a noisy ride up but beautiful weather on top, how lucky.  Just there for 20 minutes, total trip 3 hours.  $44 each, less 10% for seniors.  We had picnic lunch on way down.

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