Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 1989-99 MV and Don's wedding rehearsal

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1990 - [New Vienna to Wilmore KY for Mary and Don's wedding]  Left at 10:15 in the two vans.  Had GHU in the wheel chair but she kep sliding down, much better in the regular van seat.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel near Georgetown, exit 126.  Got tux en route, rental was $57.50.  We had room 40 in the Rosa Beeson Manor [now Asbury Inn], brand new.  Had rehearsal at 6PM followed by a catered picnic at 7:30.  GHU holding up real well.  Nice visit with the Zooks.

Saturday 1991 - Hortons arrived, we all went over to see Mother at 6PM, she was wide awake.  For supper we went to Frontier Steak House.  Picked another hand full of asparagus. 

Monday 1992 - We went to the Renfro Valley program at the Murphy Theatre, a little went a long way.

Wednesday 1994 - Finally made some garden, planted onions.

Thursday 1995 - Still wet, our peas and lettuce are dong great.  We went square dancing.  Herschel A. never shy for words.  He has had a recurrence of his cancer, goes to a Dr. Davidson in Fairfield, OH.  Called MUH and she was just getting up.  A late start for a drive to Ohio for her and Cris.  Called Der Dutchman in Wanyesville for a reservation for Mother's Day, best we could get was at 3PM.  Spiraea showing signs of whiteness.

Saturday 1996 - [Cris and MUH visiting] We were to meet John and Julie and the Ashcrafts at Youngs Dairy Bar (change from the Winds Cafe which was good) at 1:30.  Bob and Bev Gooding and Lisa were there.  Kate and Ginny enjoyed feeding the goats, etc.  The Ashcrafts left without the rhubarb we took, but did find each other in Yellow Springs.  Some wild haircuts there.  On way home we stopped at Aldi's – Cris DID NOT like the place – the 25¢ for the cart, bags 10¢ and you had to bag your own groceries, no wonder he has high blood pressure.

Sunday 1997 - [Mother's Day]  Had "lunch" in Wilmington at new place on East Sugartree, $1.50 each, food was OK but service pretty erratic.  Jean got two pairs of shoes at Walmart, plus bulb for new Howler [Hoover?], noticed it last week.  Looked over the Amerihost Motel in Wilmington, they have a room with a huge whirlpool in the room.

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