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May 5, 1989-99 Celebrating Kate

[Note:  Kate's actual birthday is May 6, stay tuned for additional details.]

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville continues through May 6]

Saturday 1990 - Stayed overnight with GHU, she sleeps well but complains of pain and "wants to go home."  Hospital Guild had market at the Bank.  Got 2 pies from Hilda Williams, $3.50 each.  Tony McI. put up new Sears garage door opener at Mothers.

Sunday 1991 - Hillsboro first for GHU then to Golden Lamb to meet Serena, she had invited us for 2pm.  Lebanon Public Library open on Sundays, October through April.  We visited the antique shops and at 5:30 had ice cream at the Village Ice Cream Shop.  Went directly to Highland where Rev. Von Durant is having a revival service – lasted two hours.

Monday 1992 - GHU wide awake. 

Wednesday 1993 - GHU still complaining of pain in back, Heartland called, she has temperature of 103°.   Had program about ?? [looks like Qmt] at Lions Club.  Larry Blackburn to be the new President.

Friday 1995 - [to Newark and back]  We went to Wilmington about 11AM, got first dent in new car as turned corner too sharp at Georgia Campbell's place.  We got to Newark about 3PM (after a stop at J. Raymond Smith's in Sabina where we left them rhubarb.  John, Ginny and I went to Walmart for birthday supplies.  The new Target will open in July.  They cooked hamburgers and hot dogs outside.  Don Crowson likes to do that.  Julie's grandparents (Ashcraft), her parents, her sister Joan and husband Bill, her brother Jeff and wife Lori, plus us, Serena and the three Crowsons.  We were going to stay overnight but Jerry and Betty were to leave the next AM at 8 so we drove home at 8:45 – got stopped in New Albany for going 40 in a 25mph zone, lucky just a warning.  John and Julie got this large Hedstrom gym set for Kate's 2nd birthday.

Sunday 1996 - [to Newark] Left New Vienna at 6:30AM and went to Spring Hill Baptist Church with John and Julie at 8:30.  The Church's 7th year – they are now enlarging the church.  Had a snack at Wendy's then Kate had a nap before all the relatives arrived at 3PM.  More rain.  Kate got a trampoline, sand box, etc. etc. 

Monday 1997 - [Newark to New Vienna]  Left around 9AM and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Chased around Wilmington getting new title and plates for white Honda, now 110,000 miles.  Jean had Mothers Club at New Vienna Senior Citizens.  Heard about our new minister coming.  Nugents Christmas letter came.  Picked first asparagus.

Tuesday 1998 - Went to Martinsville UMC for supper, the vegetable soup had plenty of meat.  Visited all 3 election precincts in Martinsville.  Wayne H. showed us pictures of old hotel in the center of Martinsville, built in 1835 and was torn down in the 1950s.   [Tried to find a picture of this on the Internet but no luck – somewhere there is probably a postcard of it, but not in my collection!]

Wednesday 1999 - People from Ashland here to look at Wells.  They knew Jim Thorpe.  Lions Club program, a detective from Wilmington Police Department spoke on gangs.  Talked with Ed Jones about 50th Law School Reunion.

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