Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 1989-99 Memorial Rain

 Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 -  New Vienna High School Alumni – $7.50 each,  Anna ?? [nee Johnson], a 1914 grad was there.  We went with Mother and the Hortons.  Paul Rulon spoke for the Class of 1939, oh he was windy.  Enjoyed talking with Doris Eaton Jones (her 50th year also), their daughter is Sallie Wendt whose husband is Bob Wendt of Channel 10 (NBC) in Phoenix.  She is with 1st Interstate.  Bought weed eater from Tom Young with blower attachment, total $200.

Sunday 1990 - Graduation Day at church, 5 graduates.  Minister spoke on power of prayer.  Went to Wooden Spoon for lunch buffet $5.95.  John came.  He is thinking of joining "frontiers", a group to convert Muslims.  Cris called Hortons, he is hep on new job in Auburn IN, have bought a 5-room house next to the library.

Monday 1991 - [Memorial Day]  The parade didn't materialize, a rainy day.  We ate at Frisch's in Hillsboro – liver and onions with soup and salad bar is $4.75.  Did pick 6 quarts of strawberries.  Trying to compose a letter re: Paul Steele, our pastor from 1951-1954, who is retiring this year.

Wednesday 1992 - Trimmed spiraea.   Julie is recovering.  Got fancy invitation from Cris re: Bill and Mary's 50th Anniversary.  Mother in good spirits.

Thursday 1993 - Went to Columbus to meet Roberta, then on to John and Julie's and got home about 11pm.  Kate was mostly asleep. 

Saturday 1995 - Put out 5 trees across the street.  Yard looks nice.  Had meat from the Crock Pot.  Went to NVHS Alumni with MUH, we sat with the class of 1940.  Jean Eaton B.... (Bill is not well) [nee Minzler? '39] and Ralph Elliott ('39).  Lyle Sheffield '53 [he died 1998 in highway accident involving a deer] was President, lots of trivia.  186 present.  Invited us to take home the surplus food.  Fred Matthews was the oldest present, class of 1920. 

Monday 1996 - Memorial Day, lots of rain, took MUH to CLC for flight to Albuquerque.   Had lunch at Grand Cafe at the Commonwealth Hilton [in Florence KY], out of soup, got salad with dressing.  Jean saw Miriam Sch... at Christ Hospital, then visited a "Taste of Cincinnati" on Central Parkway.

Thursday 1999 - Closing on Evelyn Bernard's Sabina property, built in 1912.  Trimmed shrubbery in back yard.  GTE repaired our phone.  Clara Sears here again.

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