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May 23, 1989-99 New Vienna High School Alumni

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1991 - Went to Columbus to Banc Ohio Trust School at Aladdin Temple on Stelzer Rd.  Jean saw Thelma Holmes, had lunch at the Cooker on Cleveland Ave. near I-270.  Had complimentary fudge brownie with ice cream and sauce (regular $3.25).  Visited Meijer store, then to Columbus zoo.  Home via London (library visit, fancy marquee), then ice cream in Wilmington, one dip, 95¢, on North 68.  Took material for bedroom drapes to lady at 28 and Quigley Rd.

Saturday 1992 - Went to NVHS alumni event.  Cris and Angela just found out that Angela was accepted for the 2-year dental hygiene program.

Sunday 1993 - Took the bells to Otterbein Home for program.  Barnabas Concert at New Vienna Park, then ice cream and cookies.  Ed Johnson spoke on 3rd Class (in the stage coach), they are the ones who do the work, 2nd class gets off and looks while the 1st class just sit. 

Tuesday 1995 - Went to Wilmington, Court House, Public Library and had supper at Bob Evans, then got some tomatoes (yellow and red), put 3 out at the parsonage and cabbage plants.  Worked the garden over.  Still 3 broken vehicles out front.  Doris Martin was telling Jean how bad both the Allens are.  Brina (at Wells) had all her (28) teeth pulled (she's 39) and has new false teeth, cost her $2300. 

Thursday 1996 - Went to Wilmington for Leadership Clinton, lunch at Bob Evans ($3.16) then eye appointments for both of us, then square dancing before we came home.  Jean's Mother would be 116 years old today.  Item in WNJ about bypass around Wilmington, 73N to 68S.  Joan and Dick back from Branson MO. 

Friday 1997 - John, Julie and Kate arrived.

Saturday 1998 - 117th [1881-1963, in the 83 years a total graduation of 1,182 students, 625 girls and 557 boys.] New Vienna Alumni, 172 present.   Jo Williams, class of 1928 spoke, Betty Thompson, Class of 1938,  Darold Whitmer of our class [1943] spoke, he lives in Trotwood.  [Bruce] Kinzers will be married 54 years on 6/3/98.  Sat next to Willis and Edith Davis, their daughter Debbie Roe works for Community Action.  Had nice card from Leggitts, their 50th was just two weeks before ours.  More rain.

Sunday 1999 - [New Hampshire with Roberta] Quick visit to the ?? area, where the swirling water shows its work.  To Laconia to Roger and Betty's house, he really has the family history.  Plenty of meat plus Pat had made lasagna.  Bob and Pat left early as he goes to be at 3PM and goes to work at 11PM.  What a life.  Pat's Mother works part time at the hospital in the kitchen.  Bob is really a fan of this Riding High Ranch in NY.  Both boys have taken treatment for cancer.  Roger has a beautiful Harley-Davidson bike.  Drove back to Manchester and went to Applebee's for a snack.

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Catherine said...

For those of you who get the RSS feed, please note that I had a typo in the 1998 entry which I corrected. Should have said "in the 83 years a total graduation of 1,182 students" NOT, "823 years." My math isn't that bad!

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