Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 1989-99 Most Lipstick

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Went to Wilmington Library – had arranged to meet John at Deer Creek Park, Serena had driven over and was a complete surprise to Jean.  There at dinner about 2½ hours.  Liver and onions, $7.50, Haddock $9.95.  Kroger's had berries for $1.49/lb.  Visited Clarke Walker in Court House Manor en route, didn't know him with new red cap, he had lost weight.

Sunday 1990 - [Mother's Day, day after Mary and Don's wedding]  We all went to Sunday School, even Grandma.  Stan Hannah's class had the Mother's Day program:  Who had the most lipstick – Jean had 3; the most pennies – Esther S. had 28.  Jean and I drove the Morgans back to Columbus, met John at the airport, ate in their cafeteria.  Visited Westerville Public Library, then Thelma Holmes.  Got Worthington paper for Roberta.  Rates at Worthington Inn are $90 for a couple.  Parking at Long Term at the airport is $1 for first hour, $1 for next 2 hours, $5/day or $30/week.  Mary Virginia called us this AM, they stayed in Lexington last night as well as tonight, then to Houston Woods for 3 nights.  Cris called the Hortons.  He starts 5/21 with Auburn Gear Co. in Auburn IN.  Linn Zook called, left my red jacket in their car, a Toyota Corolla, they didn't like their Honda Civic.

Thursday 1993 - After taking care of Wells insurance (a good savings with F. Rank Co. [?] over Kinker.)  we went to Dayton for Ohio Bar meeting.  Registration for whole meeting was $175.  Saw Walter Schott and Jeff Wright there.  The Gooding's came down to the hotel and we had supper there.

Friday 1994 - Kent Walker buys house from Ma.... Achor [or  Scher?] estate.  Helen Hamilton auction sale in Wilmington, oh what a wet day.  Fruit trees nearest the house are in bloom.  Talked with Rachel [?] Cowman, her Dad's estate is negative.  Cris called "they are running late" – Angela is coming from Auburn IN.

Monday 1996 -  We met Don at Dry Ridge KY at McDonald's, 88 miles.  Had the sandwich, $2.29.  Planted flowers at Wells.

Tuesday 1997 - Got plants at Moore Green House, including big tomatoes for $3.95.  Saw Henry Edwards.

Wednesday 1998 - Jean had Women's Club at Waynesville.  Went to Moore's again got $96 worth of plants, just got the garden plants in and what a down pour.

Thursday 1999 - [Cleveland]  We both went to CWRU [Case Western Reserve] breakfast, slow to sit down.  Jean took group to Beechwood Mall and Chagrin Falls for lunch.  Went to banquet – $42 each.  224 there.  New President had long introduction of his family.  Sat next to Lin etc. with Lexis and the gal who was to speak on speed reading.

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