Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 1989-99 Mary's Graduation

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Toledo to home] Left at 9:30 via the Lake route, not much open.  More rain.  Had lunch at road side park near Attica – the rest of our breakfast cereal, bananas and milk.  Visited Ed and Jim [June?] Jones, after 40 years he has "retired" to an office behind his house.  He is 72.  They are having a family wedding in July.  Supper at German Village at Beck and Mohawk Sts. in Columbus, rated #2 in Columbus magazine – French Onion soup $2.95, Bean Soup $2.75, Grouper $15.95, Linguine $9.95.  Honda turned 10,000 miles.

Sunday 1990 - [to Lexington KY] Drove to Lexington for MV's graduation at 3:30, one man in her class was 88.  Had reservations at Red Roof, room 138.  We went to restaurant in the French Quarter Hotel (on Richmond Rd.), a fancy place.  Honda now has 33,000 miles. 

Monday 1991 - Picked first berries, 2 quarts, very nice, but oh the thistles.  Hughes closing in Wilmington with Peelle and Rose.

Wednesday 1992 - [northern Ohio to Michigan with the Baileys] Visited the Ford Museum, walked over to Grand Ave Hotel, very plush and then Everett and I went to Maggie and Choo-Choo's [?] for picnic supplies to eat in the park in front of the museum.  Then to see the fish ladder.  Then the Public Museum, a huge place, then the Public Library.  Had supper at Shanghai Gardens, just ordered 3 portions for the four of us and still had plenty.  Oh yes, bought a loaf of bread at Ed's bakery.

Saturday 1995 - Jean is a big help in mowing the yard, cleaned up chip pile and also burned pile of sticks we had picked up.  Jean cleaned out the patio and we put the Adams County chairs on the front porch.  We went to Wilmington in the afternoon, got more 19¢ grapefruit at Aldi's.  Bought pair of blue slacks at Uhlmans, $40 reduced to $29.98 – Haggar blue, wrinkle free.  We went to banana split festival, $2.50 each.  Didn't realize Madge Ann Beam is in Community band.  Back up this AM, Tom Jenkins the NV music instructor spoke at Men's Group breakfast.  Illustrated his talk with beans – if you put all the little beans in first then not room for the big ones, put the important things in first and then there is room for everything.

Monday 1996 - [Somerset KY to home]  On the road by 5AM as Jean wanted to be in Wilmington for the UMW meeting.  Turned house AC on, it really works.

Thursday 1999 - [Montreal Canada with Roberta] Bought day pass for $5 on bus and subway system.  Went to the Biosphere, quite interesting, had lunch there.  Road incline up and visited the garden.  Took subway to Bonaventure, lots of walking.  Had supper at Sala Thai at 1237 Rue Metcalfe and then walked back to our hotel.  Oh, yes, had buffet breakfast at our hotel [Hotel Du Fort], good value.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1996---I remember vividly getting up before daybreak to fix the folks an early breakfast because I knew they would want to get on the road. Went to wake them up and found they had already left!!

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