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May 31, 1989-99 Adoption from Black Sea area

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - Picked 3 quarts of strawberries.

Thursday 1990 - [Turkey]

Friday 1991 - We both went to the dentist, only needed teeth cleaned ($48 each), started with McMullen in fall of 1981.  Faris brought us a mower loaner.  Went out to Rhinehart and got love seat couch reupholstered.  Picked 3 quarts of berries.  Tomatoes are starting to turn red.  There are so many rabbits in our yard – saw 4 little ones with their mother. 

Sunday 1992 - Barnabas program at NVUMC, umpteen singing groups, started at 6:30 and we got home at 10:20, had lots of refreshments.  The Harners had invited us out for lunch, what a feast, even "filo" dough with ? inside.  Orville had made a contraption to keep your boots dry, what a pain.  The Donald Bernards were also there.  Josephine has lots of scrap books.  We went directly to Hillsboro at 4:30 and then to the Church.

Monday 1993 - [Roberta visiting, Memorial Day] A cool damp day, so Memorial services at the school.  Roberta and I went to see GHU at breakfast, then Roberta and MUH went over in the afternoon and visited with Mugs and Vivian.  Mother very wide awake.  Made reservations at Rocky Mountain "Y" for next July 1994 for 8 rooms.  Trimmed shrubbery, front and back.  Hortons here for supper, then played Uno.  Bill blames Mary's health for not wanting to go anyplace.  They liked the homemade bread. 

Tuesday 1994 - Mildred P. appraisal in Leesburg. 

Wednesday 1995 - Catherine called.  Wendy has quit her job with the Indian Mission [which involved fund raising], she and her cousin [Gina who now lives in VT and has two children, at that time Gina was living with us and working at Best West RV] are taking the bus from Phoenix to Maine and then driving back.  They leave Phoenix at 4AM.

Saturday 1997 - More rain.  Serena got here about 4:30pm after she spent night in Somerset with a flat tire en route.  Went down to Mother's and got a few things for her.  She enjoys looking at those 1909-1912 postcards.

Sunday 1998 - [Bennington VT to Lenox MA] Had nice continental breakfast [at Four Chimneys], went up in tower [Bennington Battle Monument] $1.50 each, then to Old First Church for service, all seats in small rectangle on three sides and the door on the fourth side.  Visited Bennington Museum, lots of Grandma Moses stuff there, Jean bought some books.  Lunch at Friendly's Ice Cream.  Had reservations at the Wheatleigh in Lenox and we were in Room B.  Bathroom in need of renovation but nice large room.  Supper was an overkill at $68 each + 18% tip. 

Monday 1999 - [John, Julie and Kate visiting]  Memorial Day.  Kate rode her bike out to the cemetery.  Flo Brumley was there.  Talked with Bruce Kinzer, he has a blood clot in his leg.  Brought up bookcase from Wells.  John and Julie pointed out place on Black Sea where they hope to adopt a boy.  Serena called, plans to be here week from Friday.  John, Julie, and Kate plan to go camping at Caesar Creek.

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