Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 1989-99 Don gets PhD

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - The five of us went to Leesburg for lunch.  Fish tail was $5.95, standard 2 vegetables.  Planted plants in garden, have had them for a week, it has been so wet.  Called Roberta.  Mary Virginia called.

Monday 1990 - [Kentucky to home]  Went to Target, the Bookstore, got map of Turkey.  Lunch at Ryans Steakhouse in Florence and was in NV at 2:30.  Thought I had lost my billfold but found it in the van.

Tuesday 1991 - Took Roberta to Columbus for flight to Phoenix, went via Greenfield, saw M. [Myron, Miriam?] DeHaas there, she had a stroke last Sunday.  Supper at Cracker Barrel, Ham and Greens $2.69.  Don and Martha Ann Bernard came in to make plans on going to Alaska this July.  Serena had interview at Hamilton Public Library today.

Thursday 1992 - [Michigan with the Baileys] Breakfast at Ar... Cafe.  Tried to visit ??? near I-75 and I-475, no luck.  Had picnic lunch just south of Bowling Green.  A stop at the plastic place, then through downtown Lima.  A visit to the [Neil Armstrong Air and] Space Museum, $3.20 for senior citizens.  Supper at Friendly's in Xenia.

Friday 1993 - Spaghetti supper at the Lions Club by the Boy Scouts.  Talked with Bill Kincaid, he's MV's age, works at a theatre in Williamstown MA in the summer and in Sarasota FL in the winter.

Saturday 1994 - MV called: "The Hortons just called from the gas station in Williamsburg, to stop for the night."  They had originally told us they would leave Lake Worth on 5/23.

Sunday 1995 - Cris brought his Mother back, she had a good report on her gums at Angela's dentist.  Had pot luck at church for Senior Eric Johnson, he is going to Miami as a pre-med and Rob Schuler, Cherri Laymon's son-in-law (what a contrast).  Barnabas meeting at Mt Olive, 120 present and collection of $900+.  Had long "visit" with Glenn Daye.  Hardware store has been closed since 1988.  Talked with Roberta, she is really excited her Robbins and Myers stock has gone up.  Mary here for supper, she enjoys the Encarta program.

Thursday 1998 - Don Crowson e-mailed us that he has received his PhD degree, through correspondence.

Friday 1999 - [Montreal Canada to New Hampshire with Roberta]  Ate breakfast at snack bar in building then walked down Sherbrooke St to McGill College where Roberta got some socks.  In Newport, VT for lunch at East Side Restaurant (right on lake), good value.  Had reservations at Wayside Inn, just east of Bethlehem NH.  Bob and Pat Ballantyne are great friends of the owner there.  Bob had tickets for the 21st annual Culinary Dinner at the Mt. Washington Hotel for $45 each, what a crowd, ice sculptures and LOADS of appetizers.  We were there from 6 to 10.  Roger Ballantyne came up for dinner, his wife had a graduation for her son.

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