Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 1989-99 Joseph due

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Got small lawn mower back from Tom Young.  Planted onions in the garden.

Sunday 1990 - We ate at Leesburg.

Monday 1991 - Continental Airlines called about changing Roberta's plane so we left quickly, saw Thelma Holmes afterwards, she has been there two years, will be 87 on 3/30.  (We recall when she put in 50¢ + 25¢ in Sunday School for her birthday.)  Had "supper" at Skyline Chili in West Columbus at I-270 and US40., walked around PharMor, then Colombo Yogurt.  Had reservations at Red Roof at Dayton North, $29.95, tax $3.75.

Wednesday 1992 - Had lunch at Wilmington UMC, $3 - each Wednesday through Lent.  Mother seems good this week.

Thursday 1993 - [Arizona]  Had breakfast with the Ashcrafts at Kiss the Cook.  We left for Grand Canyon.

Saturday 1995 - Had McKibbens closing in Wilmington, then Young Auction here in NV in the PM.  Later we went to Hillsboro, Jean saw Vilexia [?] then I saw Elsie, she is 88 -- "I enjoy giving people things now rather than wait till I'm gone."  Then to Henry Edwards, Jennie took a nap on both auto trips.

Monday 1996 - Jean woke up dizzy this AM so Ann Bailey took her place at the UMC meeting in Hillsboro.  Left about 2PM for St. Ann's Hospital in Westerville where John and Julie had gone for the baby delivery.  The Ashcrafts came shortly after we got there, plus Mary Virginia and Jeff and Cathy Pound (the minister).  She is quite a vivacious teacher in the Church school, grades 5-8.  She had all these Ohio books.  We stayed at the hospital until midnight, had Room 108 at nearby Signature Inn.  $52 (hospital rate) + $8.19 in tax.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Who is Elsie that Dad keeps mentioning? Also, who is "Joe" that is following our blog---not Joseph Horton--a little creepy?

Catherine said...

I thought maybe you all knew Elsie -- Dad told me that she was a client who had inherited $$ and was a "sucker" for real estate agents and her nephew, Greg, who came up with various schemes to help her divest of the $$.
As for "Joe" I sent him an email but got no response. From the other sites he has joined he appears to be interested in genealogy and architecture.

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