Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 1989-98 Baileys

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Tennessee to Ohio]  Had breakfast in room.  At the restaurant the continental breakfast was $3.95, 1/2 grapefruit for $1.50.  Jean drove to KY welcome station and next stop was Boone Tavern, four hours after leaving Choo Choo.  [I remember that being a regular stop on the way to Florida.]  Roast Pork lunch as $9, including soup (Pimento), salad, two vegetables and beverage.  Saw this lady at a table next to ours, it was Frances Corradine [?] who we had met on the "E" trip to Brazil.  She will be going to Yugoslavia on Sago [?], also taking French.

Thursday 1990 - Planted cabbage, broccoli, beets and peppers.  Went to Senior Citizens and heard Tom Salisbury speak.

Friday 1991 - John was down for the day.  "Julie is getting cold feet."  The Sankers came up, went to dinner theater at Parker House in Hillsboro.  Dinner at $6 was very basic, play was "Pirates of Penzance."  Jim Butler had a part.  Talked with Donna Hardin's [Harkin's?] daughter who has been in South Africa for 6 years.  She is 30.  Mother seems to be improving.

Wednesday 1995 - Everett and Ann Bailey invited us to go to a Xenia church where their granddaughter was in this 7 person Mimic Group.  Lots of make-up, all white with a black border.  They were all from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa -- OK.  We met the Baileys at Bob Evans where Shirley Cadle the DS was having supper.  Gerald Bernard was also at the program, his wife has Lyme's disease.  PJW [Phyllis] helping at Wells as Ted was also off.

Friday 1996 - Baileys invited us to go to Dayton to Dayton Christian School where their grandson, Spencer Bailey, had the lead part of Harold Hill in the Music Man.  We got back to Wilmington at midnight.

Saturday 1997 - Men's breakfast at church, a friend of Keith Rankin who works at Kibler's Lumber spoke.  Wilmington City Council voted to tear down old (128 years) Main school house. 

Sunday 1998 - Went to CMH luncheon, talk on nutrition, then to Home and Garden Show at Roberts Arena, $2/person.  Interesting silent auction, we got a child's picnic table for $27, missed getting the push lawn mower by $1.  Signed up for a year of Internet with DragonFly for $120.

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