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March 28, 1989-99 Streber's Market

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1992 - We went to the New Vienna Senior Citizens - Jo Harner had asked Jean to give a "career" biography, just like the Clinton County Retired Teachers.  Esther talked for 20 minutes and just got to age 20.  Then Betty Thompson, Jean, Orville and Jo Harner filled up the rest of the hour.  For supper the New Vienna Boy Scouts had a spaghetti supper for $3.50.  GHU ate well, especially the pie and the strawberries.

Sunday 1993 - [Grand Canyon to Phoenix] Back to Phoenix, lunch at Luby's.  $3.98 for their special.

Tuesday 1995 - Article in today's WNJ about Bob Streber, as they closed their store in New Vienna after 63 years (he is 64) and will reopen the convenience store just north of town on Rt. 73.  Jean went to the Dr.  -- third time regarding her poison ivy.

Thursday 1996 - Article in April "Nation's Business" about the Library Book Stores in Clayton, MO.  [Mid-County Branch of the St. Louis County Library District is located in Clayton, a suburb of St. Louis, does not now list anything about a Book Store.]

Saturday 1998 - [Phoenix] Catherine has good oatmeal.  Kings picked us up about 10AM and we visited models at Pebble Creek.  The furnishings all look great though perhaps not too practical.  Had "lunch" the complimentary hot dog, pretzels and beverage.  Then to Del Webb's Sun City Grand - more of the same with cold rain (warmer in Ohio in low 80's).  Went to Adam and Wendy's place on Sierra Vista and Maryland, just east of 7th St.  They have 2 dogs and 2 cats and do they have the tapes, etc.  Went to this Italian Restaurant nearby with them, Morgans and Adams' parents, who bring their own fresh spinach [in unopened bag] to go with the salmon.  [They knew the staff well.]

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Catherine said...

From Dad: Now that you mention spinach, it comes back. Should have written more about Sun City Grand visit. We are happy w/ 20238 Alta Loma with walkable distance to the store and the library. The hospital would be a stretch, but then we do have 911.

Thanks for the hospitable reception for all of us last night. [Bob and Pat Ballantyne are here visiting.]

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