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March 1, 1989-99 Victory [school] for Ginny

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - 19 degrees, 0 with wind chill but very sunny.   G.G. Leaves for Florida.  Michelle Harner and a fellow spoke on their annual trip to FFA meeting in KC.  Read the book "You are what you say" -- very good, how true.  Psalms 90:10-12.  The PERS [Public Employees Retirement System] check is $111.96 per month.  Used 331 cubic feet of water $11.94, sewer $14.46, trash $3.30, total $29.70

Thursday 1990 - [Florida]

Friday 1991 - Jean had World Fellowship Day at church.  I went to Cincy to OBA meeting on Probate Litigation at Guest Suites in Blue Ash.  Their Friday evening fish buffet is $18.95.  Bought gas for 96.9c.

Monday 1993 - Started on new bridge on US 62 on north edge of Hillsboro.

Tuesday 1994 - [Hawaii] Went from Hilo to Kona Village, what a low key swank place at $450/night, meals included, which were way too much -- appetizer, soup, salad, main course and sweets.  We were in PT5, interesting to watch the ducks. 

Wednesday 1995 - Dean Bernard had the Lions Club Program about science in toys.  Rode bike out, sun just setting at 6:30 and setting just a little to the left of SR 28.  Got literature about upcoming trip to Iceland on 6/13/95.

Friday 1996 - Kibler's [Lumber] opening a new store in Hillsboro.

Saturday 1997 -[to Kentucky] Drove to Somerset.

Sunday 1998 - Met Ann and Everett Bailey at [Samuel] Walkers in Wilmington, then to Voice Recital at Kelly Center, Janet Grover, wife of Asst. Minister in Wilmington.  Pastor Mike spoke on temptation, Luke 4:1-13.  Children's message about using sun glasses to avoid bright sun and temptations so the church can strengthen us.  Saw the Ralph Rammells [?] both today and last night [at College play].  Article in NYT about Hong Kong -- liked the Garden View [YWCA] Hotel

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to Ohio]  We took Ginny to school by 8:25 -- Victory School on Oak Hill Road.  Had lunch at 11:30 at the new Applebee's In Milford.  Jean had Mother's Club at NV Elementary School.  Got tickets from Lyon but have to send back as too soon. [?]

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Catherine said...

From Dad: the PERS reference today is Public Employees Retirement System and the amount was my monthly pension. The amount now is some $200. Even better is my insurance coverage. Peaches is covered under STRS..StateTeachers Retirement System.

That Kona Village was one of the nicer places that we ever stayed as it should be at that price.

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