Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 1989-99 Cris and Wells

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Ohio to Tennessee]  Salisbury's married 3/12/40.  Had lunch with Mary Virginia at Cracker Barrel in Lexington, KY at 3:15.  Good value at $4.49 then on to historic Rugby, TN where we had room #1 in the Newbury House.  Had soup in their restaurant, an English couple in charge.  We had an old fashioned "high" bed.  50 in Sunday School, 67 for church, $389.37.

Monday 1990 - Called Cris and Angela about coming to Wells, uncertain as to what is the right thing.

Thursday 1992 - George Steele passed away at 73.

Friday 1993 - Chakeres Theatres announced about 3 more theaters in Wilmington, taking over where Superior Carpet was in the mall.  Randy Cline trouble in Sheriff Dept.  Item on TV about trouble with toilets available in NYC, could have new units, but not handicapped accessible so illegal.  Doing tax returns on computer.

Saturday 1994 - We both worked on income taxes.  In PM walked out Bernard Road, Jean is getting people to help on cancer drive.  Pauline Baker is still unhappy at Apple Tree Apartments, they call it Satanville, 14 calls to the police in one day.

Sunday 1995 - Ed Johnson spoke on people who want a quick religion, a squash can grow in 60 days but it takes 100 years for an oak tree.  It was a great day, we rode bikes out Rt. 28 and past Elizabeth Ellen Carey's  house.  Evening service at 7PM.  Georgileah Hannah got talking about Las Vegas gambling experiences.  Charles Salisbury has been coming to church -- his wife ran away with someone else.

Tuesday 1996 - Catherine called this AM (usually she calls on Wednesday), she and Wendy are still on their diet.

Wednesday 1997 - Lions Club meeting at 7:30, Main Medical at 8:30, Bernita Hacking [?] at 9 and Dr. G in Centerville at 10:15.  He froze spot on my face and took sample of skin spot on my leg. 

Thursday 1998 - Dick Woods put new lavatories in our two bathrooms.  Graduation night at square dancing, our bell choir performed.  6 in class.  Nice new facility for school.  Hears news that Joanne Gruber and Dick F. have broken up.  He is going with Marty Olive from Hillsboro.

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Catherine said...

From Dad: the name with the ? [which I have corrected but had originally typed as E.E. Camp or Carp] is Elizabeth Ellen Carey, who lived in the big 2 story house near the center of Careytown. She died about two years ago and her husband Ralph some 20 years earlier. They had two sons, Bob and JN.

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