Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 1989-99 Julie & John make the news

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Went to Highland UMC Soup Supper, another Key Event night.  The whole church went up to the altar.  Leon S.: "I recall as a boy the promise of a second coming of Jesus."  Rode bike about 20 miles.

Sunday 1990 - Salisbury Open House.  Ed Johnson spoke on dreams -- put your hat on to keep your feet warm, the brain is the power.  Revelations in Sunday School.

Monday 1991 - Julie and John's picture in the newspaper.

Friday 1994 - Phyllis wants to quit this summer. 

Saturday 1995 - Put the Wills files in the middle room, took some chairs including my high back office chair to Mrs. Rhinehart [upholsterer], then on to Lynchburg.  Jean wanted to look at this store that the UMC minister has there.  Short visit to the Public Library, then to Allensburg for lunch, liver and onions for $4.25.  Visited Henry Edwards, so hard to understand.  Then to new Super K-Mart, oh what a big place.  Came home and washed both the car and the truck.  After supper we walked out to the cemetery and back.  Marie Cooper recuperating from her 3rd knee operation.  Talked to Roberta, she sold her PM stock and bought six different stocks including Merck, McDonald's, Coca Cola and Microsoft.

Monday 1996 - People here from Hillsboro to put in air conditioning.  They cut the register holes in the flooring.  Jean called Sheila re UMW tomorrow night.  Gal from the Homeless [Services] to speak, on which Sheila is on the Board, but Sheila said "She and Ray are going out."  Always an excuse.

Wednesday 1998 - Got Park Bank Annual Report.  Jean had Women's Club meeting at Samuel Walkers Restaurant in Wilmington.  She also went to Lowe's with Dick Woods to get new lavatories.

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