Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18, 1989-99 John & Julie

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Worked on our income tax, turned Mother's water on, took the Johnsons to Hillsboro to UMC to hear Emerson Colaw, retired bishop who started at Rainsboro.

Sunday 1990 - [Florida]  We all ate at Perkins Steak House in WPB.

Monday 1991 - John called us.  He and Julie have called things off.  Heard from Tok-A-Toy [?] (been in business since 1955), they are unable to pay their bills (they owe us $30,0000 and have sold out to Laramer [?].  Mother has a new roommate.

Tuesday 1992 - Spoke to the Clinton County Retired Teachers Association along with 3 other couples -- Bob Warner, Jim R.... [?], John Hughes and Virginia Smith on Elderhostel.  Went to Marshall Flippo special square dance in Hillsboro.  Mother doesn't want to eat or drink.  Difficult to get her to say more than one word answer to a question.

Friday 1994 - A terrific wind.

Saturday 1995 - Breakfast at church, Mark from Adams County spoke at 10am.  We were at Rod's for a trash pick up with Leadership Clinton, but no one showed up.  A stop at Roberts Home place, lots of activity.  Bought some bulk garden seed at Rhoades Garden Center and planted peas, spinach, beets, lettuce and onions.  At 6:30 we were in Dayton (Huber Heights) at Aldersgate Church for Marriage Encounter follow-up.  A great turnout.  The dialog question was:  What am I doing to make our marriage more fun?

Sunday 1996 - Saw Elsie in Hillsboro, she is 88.  Got folder from Greenbriar, 4 nights at $1075 per person, extra night $208.  Roberta called from San Antonio where she was getting a real buy on SAS shoes.

Tuesday 1997 - Elsie in New Vienna, looked at two places for her to stay.  John, Julie and Kate to fly to Phoenix for 5 days.  Kate has been exposed to chicken pox.  Wilmington Library open again, but will be June when they get the new furniture.

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