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March 13, 1989-99 Square Dancing

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Tennessee to Georgia]  Took a tour of Rugby, the library opened in 1882 was interesting, no lights or heat.  Breakfast included in our room rate.  Had lunch in car.  Stayed at Days Inn, Exit 28 on I-285 [near Atlanta] $42 with breakfast.  Drove over to Stone Mountain area, 2nd exit and visited the new K-Mart - Super Store - the American Way - 68 check outs [lanes].  Bought new Roos shoes $20.

Tuesday 1990 - Roberta left Lake Worth again, real dedication.  Don and MV arrived, went to Emmaus meeting in Wilmington.  Planted grass seed at Thompson's, spinach and lettuce in our garden.  Another day in the low eighties.  Roberta likes the rubber balls with string for her cat "Baby Beethoven."  Cris is getting laid off.

Wednesday 1991 - Ice on the trees, Mother seemed good tonight.  Marshall Flippo dance again, he is from the Lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach MO, Kirkwood Lodge, $595 per couple for 6 nights, includes meals, lodging and dancing.

Saturday 1993 - Met Roger Dalton at extended care for his Mother to sign Power of Attorney.  A big snow storm with really strong winds.  Interesting how the snow ridges up.  Lions Club canceled the evening shift of the Pancake Supper.  Sent in reservations for the Nova Scotia and Ashland OR trips.

Sunday 1994 - Mission Sunday at UMC.  We had Jeannette Shugay from Clermont County speak, a black lady who was a great speaker.  Sunday School - 71, 108 at Church.  The Barrs joined our church.  We met the Sankers at the Midland Restaurant, they seemed to enjoy it.  They are planning on going to Seattle next month and renting a car to drive to the LA area and back.

Monday 1995 - Got oil changed on the Honda at Eddie-Towes [?] - 5500 miles.  Emptied trash at church.  Keith is a great guy but doesn't seem to see the jobs that need to be done.  Ev and Ann Bailey here with a new Toyota.  Another great day.  Got Park Bank Annual Report.

Wednesday 1996 - Went to John Harner's and got a pick-up load of manure - off concrete floor - had it all done in 90 minutes.

Thursday 1997 - Jean went to see Dr. Lippit [?] in Cincinnati, then I went to Otterbein to open lock box on Mrs. Finch.  Had supper at the Sankers.

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