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March 14, 1989-99 John to China

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [Georgia to Tennessee]  Had good breakfast, drove to downtown Atlanta for Toy Show, supposed to be the last one.  Drove up Peachtree Rd to Oxford Book Store [closed in 1997, then reopened but now called Oxford Comics Games & More], had lunch at a Mexican Restaurant, then west on Paces Rd to I-75.  Made a stop at New Echota, old Cherokee village - interesting.  Had reservations at Choo Choo in Chattanooga, 20% off coupon, still high at $68, though half of rail car was interesting.  We were in #756, king size bed, long walk to toilet, went for swim.  Dinner there was $9.75 and up so we went elsewhere and had soup bar for $1.29.  Bought a belt at Zayre's (next door) going out of business sale.  [All Zayre's were closed by 1990, mostly bought out by Ames, but some continued as TJ Maxx.]

Wednesday 1990 - Planted last year's peas (they were free).  GG back from Florida.  Went to Hillsboro square dancing, Marshall Flippo, $6/couple. 

Saturday 1992 - Took Hortons to Cincinnati airport.  The Burlington Coat Factory was closed, so spent a little time at Mt Washington Library.  Then met Sankers at China Gourmet Restaurant at 3340 Erie Ave.  Sankers talking of going to Alaska.  

Sunday 1993 - We were in Westboro for the 9AM church service.  The Bishop canceled out due to the storm.  The DS spoke on Psalms 18:25-30 "Leaping over walls" -- 1) physical 2) boredom 3) unclear goals 4) prejudice 5) fears and 6) sin.  This is their dedication date.  Had a nice visit with Howard Hodel [?] of A and M Farm Orchards in Midland.  He mentioned a John Hasz who went from this area to Fairbanks.

Monday 1994 - Got new Mobil Tour Book from Catherine.  With check from CSX their four night Easter Package is $975 a night per person for a double.  In 1989, double rooms at Shaker Village were $44-80 per night.

Thursday 1996 - Another 8:30 meeting with Leadership Clinton re: new County Book.  Forbes dropping out of Presidential race.

Saturday 1998 - Lions Club Pancake Day - no big crowd.  Jean still collecting those snaps off the pop bottles.  John should be in China now.

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Catherine said...

From John: I went to China for 10 days with two friends to check out orphanages, which we were unable to see.
One Friend, Tom Marcelain, went on to become one of our two Common Pleas judges here in Licking County.

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