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March 23, 1989-99 Serena's memory

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Went to Cincy airport to pick up GHU, had supper en route at Echo Restaurant in Hyde Park, most meals $4.95 with meat and 2 vegetables.  Bought book on China next door.  Mother's ticket was $234.21.  Parking at short term airport lot, $1 for first 30 minutes, then 75¢ per 30 minutes.

Friday 1990 - [Tennessee to Kentucky] Left Zooks about 2pm for bookstore in Kingsport TN, gas 92.9¢.  Had supper at Cracker Barrel in Corbin, KY -- what a crowd, then met MV and Don at the Red Roof in Lexington.  She has job with church publications and the D.S. has told them about an interview comping up.

Saturday 1991 - Roberta has been going over around 7:30 to see GHU, breakfast is one of her better meals.  Jean and Serena went with Charlotte Hause to Easter Egg Hunt at CCMH, sponsored by the New Vienna Twig, a close schedule as we had reservations at Murphin Ridge at 1pm, nice magazines in their lobby.  Then to West Union where we visited the Public Library.  Also stopped at the Amish Bakery, got some delicious bread and a small pie, of which GHU ate some.  Also a visit to Peebles Public Library.  Serena has a great memory -- bringing up our visit to 4 States Monument [? Serena, you'll have to explain this to me.]

Tuesday 1993 - [to Phoenix] We (including Serena) left from Columbus for Phoenix.  We are staying at Desert Shadows -- Union Hills and 29th Ave in Sid's 5th-Wheel, spot 597, the rent is $1600 a year.

Thursday 1995 - Met Steve Hamilton at lock box opening, also Leadership Clinton Meeting.  Went square dancing, don't know when we laughed so much with the Ed [Ev?] Baileys, Herschel Arnolds [?] and Earl Jenkins.  Harold Stewart has prostrate cancer and bone cancer.  Celebrated Jim Erbaugh's birthday.

Friday 1996 - Went to Wilmington, looked at computer tables and got light bulb for refrigerator.  Met with Lacy's daughter and what a mess, he even sued his daughter and divorced his wife just before death.

Sunday 1997 - Took Dale _____ to Murphin Ridge.  His wife is from Sweden, age 60.  He is on assignment at Airborne, joined our choir while here.  Son -23- still looking for work as a pilot.  Surprised to see Bob and Audrey Terrell at Murphin Ridge.  The Crossets [?] are celebrating a reunion at the Cloister in 7/98.

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Catherine said...

from Dad: Catherine, that four states item was that Serena was not motivated to get out of the car to see the place. Actually not that there is much to see, just a plaque (as I recall) that is the point where the four states come together. John had a similar reaction on our first family visit (1962) at the Grand Canyon.

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