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March 30, 1989-99 Joseph's funeral

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [to San Diego for Cross-country bike ride to Jacksonville
]  Flew to San Diego, CA, stayed in the Garden Room of the Heritage Park Inn Bed and Breakfast, 2470 Heritage Park Row, near Old Town.  Cost $107 ($95 + tax).  Had rental car from Payless Car Rental at $21.95 per day, unlimited mileage.

Friday 1990 - Took new van in for service, has 4900 miles.  Lunch at McDonald's, $8.82 for the 2 of us.  Kroger's giving off 2¢ if you bring your own bag.  Calling hours at funeral home for Bradley Perkins.

Saturday 1991 - [Cris and family visiting]  We all went over at 7:30 AM to see Mother.  She was wide awake.  This PM she ate her meat (pureed) and 1/2 of her super shake.  We drove around Rock Fork Lake, camp sites with electricity are now $8.  Had supper at Rae's.  Rob and Cindy move into new house off of Hypoluxo Road

Saturday 1991 - [2nd entry with same date]  Don and Jean Liggitt here for supper, talking of their upcoming trip to Thailand, etc.  He will be 70 next year.  They have been in Gig Harbor for 2 years.  Mother seems fine.

Tuesday 1993 - [Arizona]  Met the Fosters at Desert Museum near Tucson.  Very nice.  Earlier that AM we parked in library garage but library not open.  Supper with Francis and Grace R..... [?] in Tucson, they moved to a new place last spring.

Wednesday 1994 - Went out to Hughes' and got flowers which we planted around the house and the cemetery.   [Road crew] started replacing the bridge on S.R. 73 just south of Cemetery Rd.

Thursday 1995 - 31° this AM.  Jean is always in a rush to get the storm windows down.  Ginny likes to be read to and when going for a walk she likes to count to 5 and then we swing her.

Friday 1996 - [Newark] Breakfast came with room, at 9:30 we went to the cemetery.  Had sign directing us to "J. Uible" [Joseph Ashcraft Uible, born and died March 26, 1996].  Don participated in the service at 10AM.  They had chairs for John and Julie and their Mothers.  We then went to Big Bear and got shrimp plate -- ordered earlier -- and a new battery for Jean's watch.  Back to Church (Spring Hill Baptist in Granville).  Calling hours were from 12-1, service 1-2, then more "greeting" line.  Jeff Pound (the pastor) was eloquent, his wife Cathy just turned 48.  During the service they read two letters from John and Julie, one to their friends and one to Joseph.  Several people gave testimony during the service.  The church has a chapel area where the family greeted the many friends.  Afterwards the Ashcrafts had a lot of us at their house for a big snack. 

Sunday 1997 - [Easter, to Newark]  After church went to Newark.  Flora Daniels [?] passed away.  Had room at Cherry Valley Lodge, $89, went with John to church service in PM.  Kate enjoys the pool and the hotel.

Tuesday 1999 - [Portugal]  What a curvy road to Pousada de Gorvecia [sp?, possibly Pousada de Manteigas - Sao Lourenco] in Manteigas, Portugal.  Had hard time finding the road off the main road.  They had a service charge of $9 for bread and olives.

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