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March 7, 1989-99 White Castle Hamburgers

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1990 - Had lunch at Arby's, special 2nd large roast beef sandwich free with purchase of one at $2.69.  At Lions Club Rita Carey spoke on Airborne -- now 2700 employees, 300 in 1980

Saturday 1992 - Got haircut at Gary's, now $5.  Beginning to feel better.  Talked to Cris and Angela about "the schedule" for the Hortons 50th Anniversary on June 20th.  Grandma is fine.

Sunday 1993 - After seeing Mother -- she drank 3 glasses of milk -- we ate at Ponderosa, $1 off if you bought a drink which was 99c.  Then to movie at $1.50 each, "The Incredible Journey - Homeward Bound" about 2 dogs and a cat who had quite a wilderness [?] trip on their way back home.  In the evening we went out to see John and Laura Hughes.  He is having a slow recovery.  Wendy called us, she was really excited about her NY trip this past week.  [She went with a group of exchange students, this was the year we had Mette.]

Tuesday 1995 - Went out to see Louise Bloom.  Jean spent the day at the office working on the files.

Thursday 1996 - We went to WCH, re Howland, then back to Wilmington.  Dr. Kerr's office called again, Jean has infection so new medicine.

Friday 1997 - Physical at Main Medical $188.

Saturday 1998 - Had tickets at $12 each for Peer Gynt at the Murphy Theater.  Put on by the deaf.  I had trouble staying awake as did Jean, sat next to the Nathan Hales.  Talked to James Terrell there, he is hard of hearing.  Told me of difficulties that Hubert Peelle is having.  Spent some time in bookstore, wonder how they stay in business.  Had supper at White Castle, they are open 24 hours with breakfast fro 4AM to 10:30.  Hamburgers are 41c each, small onion chips $1.29 so that was $3.75 for 6 hamburgers and one onion.  Kroger's milk still $1.29/gallon.  John here with a friend to get a twin bed.

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