Friday, March 05, 2010

March 5, 1989-99 Kate hops for $

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Took MV's roses to church.  Have choir practice at 9AM.  After church we went to WCH, had lunch at Burnett House [which has since been "destroyed"?], Jean had a nice piece of roast beef.  Clark Walker is in Columbus hospital.  Rain turned to ice.  Sunday School = 41, church = 62.

Monday 1990 - [Florida]  Joe arrived to visit parents.

Friday 1993 - Wore the white Paul Fredrick shirt for the first time, cost $28.50 each and got a free necktie with a jacquard geometric pin.  Jean had World Day of Prayer at Fairview, about Guatemala.  The Ben Pages had driven to Belize. 

Saturday 1994 - Great day, washed the car, planted peas, lettuce and broccoli seed.  Peas are to germinate 6-15 days and 69 days to harvest.  We decided to cancel out on going to England on our Delta free mileage.

Sunday 1995 - [end of Marriage Encounter weekend]  More dialog.  The 90/90 session was an experience.  At each meal our name plates were scattered around and then one of the couples were the leaders for a discussion of the topics.  It ended about 5PM with other people showing up including our prayer partners.  A great experience which should make a good marriage even better.  We ate at Cracker Barrel at Exit 60.  Jean had chicken sandwich $3.39 and I had bowl of greens for $2.99.  Got gas near Xenia for 99.9c

Wednesday 1997 - Lions Club, Clinton County Sheriff spoke.  Saw Elsie and Greg in Hillsboro, they have some real conflicts.  Article in NYT about Michelin restaurant ratings in France.  Leon Salisbury had knee operation.

Thursday 1998 - [to Columbus]  Took May Murphy's estate tax return to Columbus, then on to Easton Mall.  They are still building.  Visited Rona and Homer Thompson.  Met John, Julie and Kate at 6:15 at Bexley Monk Restaurant -- a nice place.  Ice cream at Graeter's, just a block away.  Kate is collecting $ for a hopping contest.  People looked at the Thompson house at 11AM and were back at 1PM with a contract to buy within 30 days.

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