Wednesday, July 01, 2015

1965 Serena's Postcard -July

We can assume that Serena went to Church Camp (Sabina?) in the summer of 1965.  We can also determine that she was not homesick and that instead of mailing she brought the card home.


Dear Mom,

I'm having a wonderful time.  I'm in Mrs. Kuntzman's cabin but K clings to her Mother (whew!)  Guess who is in my cabin?  Eve Hoover! & Becky Rude.  She's the only girl that is going in 6th grade.  I'm in Cabin 14. the farth the farthest away.

Your un homesick d


Serena said...

Not in Sabina, camp Cartwright. My first year of camp. Uncle Jim died while I was there, Mrs. Kuntzman told me. I remember that and otherwise having a great time.

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

More from Serena: It was (is?) located in Preble County, near Camden. Most recent note about is that in 1985 it had been for sale for several years.

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