Thursday, July 30, 2015

1955 MUH Florida Postcard to CJU's -July 29

State Capitol, Tallahassee, Fla. postcard - mailed 1955.  Captioned: The State Capitol stands on a block-square knoll over-looking the business district.  It was completed in 1845, the year Florida became a State, and since that time numerous additions have been made to the original building.
1955 MUH Florida Postcard to CJU's -July 29
Thurs. – Tallahassee 5:30 [postmarked Bradenton]

Going to drive across University Bebgs. [Bekgs?] then move way out.  Cards mailed from Ala with Wed. should be Thurs. from Montgomery.  Do you think we'll get to L.W. by tomorrow?  Ha!  Saw old Gov.'s Mansion.  Had an auction last nite x is to be torn down.  Univ. Campus very pretty.
Love, Mary & Bill

* * * * *
According to Wikipedia a new Florida Governor's Mansion was built in 1956, and "many items in the first mansion were auctioned in 1955 to aid in furnishing the new mansion, raising $7,500."

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