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1975 Roberta's Letter -July 26

July 26, 1975
Dear Family –

Right now things seem to be up in the air – have been putting off writing till I could tell you all something definite but as of now – nothing is for sure.  

1st off I did talk to Mr. Ream about quitting and all I got was a sermon about being unfair because he wouldn't be able to find good help for just 3 weeks & it would take that long to break in someone.  Also how I took the commitment for the summer, etc.  He has a very bad temper, but I must say I have had nothing but kind words w/ him.  (But I've worked hard to please him in the dining room!)

I would stay w/out a 2nd thought except I hate the idea of being here for 2 weeks w/ no car and I.T. & Marion not here.

OH – I am letting someone I.T. knows in New Town, PA use my ticket for the play in New Hope on August 5th.  SO I'm free that day – that I know for sure!  Now Wednesday is no-one's day off in the kitchen or dining room so I hopefully will be able to get it off – as time rolls around.  When someone has a day off the rest of us just double up.

As to G'ma plans – make her reservations for August 31st.  If I should stay till the bitter end I will do it on the idea that I can leave Sunday morning.  

I got a library card at the County library in Newton – got 3 books last week on India.  One very good – "Eating the India Air" w/out television or daily paper it is hard to keep up w/ the news – but I get sketchy news from the radio.  Should India still be having its problems in Nov. we will just go to another part of the world.

Last night one of ladies in the senior citizens group gave me a fresh pineapple – so later we cut it open & mixed it w/ peaches & bananas.  It was rally good!

Yes – I got my wallet size diploma – thanks.  I hope to get some of my "business" as to my trip done in N.Y.C.  this coming Tuesday.  You know we have several men here who commute back & forth to work in N.Y.C. while their family stays here.

This is short & nothing definite at that but must get going & get it in the mail – 

Love, Berta

Please send some stamps ––– both 8¢ & 10¢ ––

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